‘Galli cricket’ the reason behind MS Dhoni’s unorthodox style – Greg Chappell


Author : Amerta

FILE PHOTO: Greg Chappell with MS Dhoni’s during his stint as Indian cricket team’s coach

Former Australian skipper and Team India coach Greg Chappell has attributed Indian cricket team captain, MS Dhoni‘s success to ‘galli cricket’.

“Your guys play a lot of cricket, not necessarily organised cricket but in gullies and parks,” Chappell was quoted as saying by The Times of India.

“It’s a very important part of learning. In unstructured cricket, you play without the supervision of parents, coaches or elders. Sometimes you play the older guys. The thing is that kids start learning to compete at an early age. The best example is MS Dhoni. This guy is so unique,” he said.

Chappell is currently in India for the U19 Quadrangular Series between India, Australia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Talking about Dhoni, the Aussie feels that any ‘proper’ coaching in an academy wouldn’t have resulted in Dhoni’s unorthodox approach today, “Had he gone to an academy at an early age, he would have been a very different player.

“I think we love a lot of those natural environments in Australia. But a lot of our young cricketers are exposed to academy-style cricket very early. I am not convinced that’s the best way to learn.”

Chappell, whose controversial reign as India’s coach ended in 2007, also said that he’s open to the taking up that role again.

“I am always open to anything. It’s unlikely that it’s going to happen. I enjoy being with the game. I enjoyed my experience and I am open to further experiences,” he added.

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