Gareth Southgate gave handwritten notes to everyone on his World Cup staff

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How Gareth Southgate and the FA can nurture the next generation of England players
How Gareth Southgate and the FA can nurture the next generation of England players

Gareth Southgate has been widely hailed for the impact he’s had on England at this World Cup, as they far exceeded expectations in reaching the semi finals.

His understated managing of the side has not only helped restore fans’ faith in the Three Lions but unintentionally caused him to become an Internet sensation.

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Whether it was a huge spike in waistcoat sales or the boss being offered a lifetime supply of pizza, or even the surge in people naming their children ‘Gareth’, Southgate has touched a nerve with the public that few England managers ever have.

In another classy move, it has emerged that Southgate wrote personal letters for every member of his staff before the World Cup began.

When the team arrived at their headquarters in Repino last month, Jim Lucas, England’s social media officer, found a handwritten note in his room.

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Jim revealed the note on Twitter this morning, where Southgate wrote: ‘The more I see, the more important it is that when ‘attacking this tournament’ we tell our own story.

‘You’re capturing that brilliantly. ‘Keep doing it and I hope this World Cup brings you unforgettable personal memories. ‘Best wishes, Gareth.’

Jim said, ‘When we arrived in Repino a month ago, this was on my bed. I’ve looked at it every day since – and it was the first thing I looked at when we got back this morning.

‘I am so proud to work for this team and this manager.’

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