The Gen Z kids of LGBTQ parents are all grown up and sharing their childhood experiences on TikTok

Adult children of LGBTQ parents are taking to TikTok to share what it was like for them growing up — and their videos are touching hearts, and opening minds, all across social media.

Just in time for Pride Month, these TikToks provide an important lesson for viewers everywhere: that while every family might look different, the love they share is all the same.

In a video captioned, “Just trying to help be the representation i wish i had when i was a kid,” TikToker Ben Smith (@becomingben) shared what it was like growing up as the adopted son of two dads, Bill and Sam.

“I remember before going to school on the first day, my dads described our family as being a little bit different,” Smith recalled in a previous video. “They [said] that families came in many different forms. They told me that some of the other kids at my school would also be adopted, and some would not be. They also said that most other kids would probably have a mother and father, but some kids would be raised by a single parent, or their grandparents, or a guardian.”

Smith continued, “And of course, what they were getting at, is that family is family. And while some families can certainly be more complex than others, the structure doesn’t define the legitimacy or the love that’s possible.”

When Smith introduced his fathers to TikTok, their family went viral, with one video gaining over 3.9 million views, 566,000 likes and 1,400 comments.

“It’s the ‘beaming with happiness to have you as their son’ for me,” commented @srs377b.

“Your family screams 90s perfection. Their style. The love in their eyes when they look at you. Your happiness. I love it all,” wrote @mypatronusisapuggle.

Another TikToker, Kaulyn (@kaulynskorner), took to the app to share the three things she learned from growing up with two moms, who she refers to as Mom and Momma D.

In the video, Kaulyn breaks down the most important lessons she learned from her parents: empathy, self-awareness and the characteristics of a healthy relationship.

“My moms are in no way perfect — in any way, shape or form,” Kaulyn says in the video, “but they’ve modeled what a good relationship is, what communication looks like … I learned my self-worth watching them and their relationship.”

Like Smith, Kaulyn also introduced her family with viral results, gaining over 4 million views, 642,000 likes and 9,300 comments.

“Looks like you were raised with a lot of love❤️❤️,” wrote @jenniestandard.

“Manifesting this!! This will be my future kid showing me and my wife off 🥰🥺 commented @okkdimples.

“cool to see this. I wish I saw this growing up. tiktok/internet can be bad but this is beautiful,” replied @holmesyyy01_.

In a stitched response to the prompt, “Tell me you grew up with gay parents, without telling me you grew up with gay parents,” TikToker Angelica Medina (@angelicagmedina) took to the app to introduce her gay dad to the world.

Her video — captioned, “Growing up with a gay dad was and still is the best!” — takes viewers through all the fun traditions and memories she shares with her dad, including reciting every single word of “The Devil Wears Prada” and their weekly trips to the MAC store for lipgloss.

“My jealousy as she kept talking 📈📈📈 lmao but I am happy for your family, warms my heart! 🥰😍💗,” @lyssicakes4 wrote in response to Medina’s video.

“can you guys adopt me?!?! or at least invite me to y’all’s brunch? LOL😁😁,” commented @namaste5914.

Hopefully, more and more TikTokers will take to the app to introduce their own unique family dynamics to the world, helping to further evolve our concept of “family.”

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