Georgia Toffolo recalls awkward meeting with Mills & Boon editors about what to call a 'Johnson'

Georgia Toffolo is publishing her first novel, for Mills & Boon, this year
Georgia Toffolo is publishing her first novel, for Mills & Boon, this year

Reality star Georgia Toffolo will debut her first novel for Mills & Boon in October this year, and has spoken of her pride in efforts to modernise the legendary romance brand.

But some of the finer details of writing for the sexy publishing house have been cause for blushes, she told Kate Thornton on White Wine Question Time podcast.

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“I had to have a meeting about what they would call a willy,” she laughed. “The meeting is really serious, and I'm looked after by two guys, so they're sat there with all these women talking about whether we call it a cock or a dick...

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She continued: “I'm going 'Can we not just call it a willy?' They were like 'No, that's not very sexy.' I was crying! It was so funny.”

Asked by Kate what word they had landed on using to refer to a “Johnson”, Georgia said she wouldn’t be revealing the answer just yet.

The I’m A Celebrity star said she had kept quiet about her new venture as she was worried that she wouldn’t be taken seriously as an author.

“I thought that everyone would just think I was a bit of a joke as a writer,” she revealed. “It's just been an amazing experience. It's all my ideas, and most of it is written by me, but I've had a really lovely lady help me.”

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“I really love just reading – I have my own book club – and I have been furiously writing for just over a year now,” she said. “I have got confirmation that my first fiction book is going to be published. I'm really pretty proud of myself!”

The book is somewhat of a departure for the romantic fiction publisher – and Georgia is glad they’ve taken a chance on her.

“It's risky for someone like Harper Collins - and Mills & Boon, who I'm writing for. They've never had anyone like me write under them before.”

Georgia said that even though Mills & Boon weren’t really “her generation”, she had soon acquainted herself with the type of books they publish.

“They're a little bit risqué,” she laughed. “There's a bit of sexiness. A bit of romance. It’s got a bit of naughtiness in it. It’s so me!” 

Understandably for a former Made in Chelsea alum, Meet Me In London is set in Chelsea and follows an aspiring clothes designer, Victoria Scott, dreaming of one day opening her own boutique.

Georgia revealed that she wanted to write something light and easy to read.

“With my reading, I like something with quite a happy ending,” she told Kate. “I don't like anything too heavy. Something I can read, you know, lying in bed that takes me to different world.”

Georgia said jungle pal Stanley was 'thrilled' at the news of her first novel
Georgia said jungle pal Stanley was 'thrilled' at the news of her first novel

Georgia revealed that the day she signed the contract she shared the news with her jungle buddy, Stanley Johnson.

“I remember when I signed my contract, I saw him in the afternoon,” she told Kate. “He's thrilled!”

Meet Me In London, is the first of four books written by Georgia for Mills & Boon, and will be published in October of this year.

Hear Georgia Toffolo talk lockdown life, the death of her grandfather from COVID-19 and how her new puppy is keeping her sane on the latest episode of White Wine Question Time. Listen now on iTunes and Spotify.

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