Geri Horner Reunites With 'Spice Boy' Prince Charles: 'He's Part Of The Spice Girls' Heritage'

Ash Percival
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Geri Horner hailed the Prince Of Wales an honorary member of the Spice Girls as they were reunited at an event on Thursday night. 

The two famously struck up a bond more than 20 years ago, when the Spice Girls performed at the royal gala, with Geri later going on to serenade the future king with a rendition of Happy Birthday To You at a public celebration.

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Prince Charles and Geri Horner at the Prince's Trust event
Prince Charles and Geri Horner at the Prince's Trust event

Two decades on, it seems the pair still have a special relationship, as she cheekily dubbed him a “Spice Boy” as they came together for a Prince’s Trust fundraiser. 

Speaking at the event, Geri praised Charles as a modern and forward-thinking royal, saying: “He’s part of our heritage. We consider him as a Spice Boy.

“I feel like Prince Charles his royal highness is part of the landscape of the Spice Girls, our journey. He was there from the beginning.

“To see him just grow and shine, our future king, I just think it’s brilliant what he does and I really admire him as a representation of our country.”

The pair first met back in the 1990s
The pair first met back in the 1990s

She added: “I feel like we should be really proud of what he does. He’s a modern man, he’s a modern royal in everything he does. He has consciousness. He thinks about the world that we live in.”

Geri, who was at the event with fellow Spice Girl Emma Bunton, was then asked if there was any chance Prince Charles would attend their forthcoming reunion tour, to which she said: “He’s always welcome, always welcome.”

Geri and Emma, along with Mel B and Mel C, will be touring the UK this summer, marking the first time they have performed as a group since the 2012 Olympics.

However, Victoria Beckham will not be joining them, instead choosing to focus on her fashion business.


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