German Bundesliga - Ribery has no grudges towards Lille

Bayern Munich's Franck Ribery has said he bears no grudges towards Lille, the club that rejected him as a teenager.

German Bundesliga  - Ribery has no grudges towards Lille

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Franck Ribery

Lille said Ribery was released for "bad behaviour" following an alleged school fight, but the player insists it was because he was considered too small to succeed in professional football.

Ribery has been at odds with the Ligue 1 team's academy director, Jean-Michel Vandamme, since.

"Regarding my behaviour as well as soccer (at Lille), there was just one problem at school, where we were (messing about) and I (accidentally) broke a girl's elbow," Ribery told a news conference on Monday.

"This is when I got dumped. But they already wanted to fire me well before because I was too little."

After leaving Lille in 1999, he joined amateur club Boulogne-sur-Mer, in his hometown in northern France, where his career took off.

But he claimed that Vandamme still harbours feelings of jealousy towards him. "Even now, when I read some comments by Vandamme, I read many untrue things," Ribery said. "I can see he is jealous."

Vandamme, who is still at Lille, told the French newspaper France Soir last year that Ribery was released because of his behaviour.

"We dumped him after 250 warnings and 300 reprimands," he said. "We could not tolerate his behaviour...He fought a girl at school and broke her arm. It was hard because we were seeing his talent even if we never thought he would have such a career."

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