Gervonta 'Tank' Davis 'promises' to 'drown' Ryan Garcia on April 22

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Tank and Garcia have agreed to clash at a 136lb catchweight on April 22 in Las Vegas. At a time when some of the biggest fights do not happen, this matchup is a major shot in the arm for the sport.

With the fight now less than a month away, the unbeaten rivals have traded verbal barbs this week during a couple of press conferences.

Davis has claimed that Garcia is not "a complete fighter" and he is "putting on a front for the people".

"Come April 22, I'm gonna walk you to the deep waters and I'm gonna drown you. They gonna have to pick you up. I promise you that," Davis said.

"This guy keeps talking about how he's gonna hit me with a hook, but he doesn't have anything else but a hook. What else have you got? He's not a complete fighter. "When you're a complete fighter, you can do everything. You can't just depend on one punch. What happens when that punch doesn't work? You have to rely on something else."

Davis added: "He's putting on a front for the people. That's what I see. I see a guy who's an act. That's what it is. "Didn't Ryan get caught by Luke Campbell? Do I hit way harder than Luke Campbell? Yes or no? "I've put a lot of guys to sleep and Ryan is next." Garcia has fired shots himself. He's warned Tank that he will be "on the floor" when a left hook lands. "I'm here to win and I promise you that I have heart and determination like you've never seen before," Garcia added. "'Tank' likes to fight guys that don't hit hard, but I hit hard. When I hit you with that left hook, you're gonna be on the floor. Asleep. Good night. "This is such a big event, but I know that I'm coming out on top. It's one thing to get to the moment, but it's another to conquer the moment. So I'm not just happy that we're here, now I'm focused on winning."

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