Ghandi, Igor Biscan and a hungry dog: It’s the week in comments

Sean Farrell
Ghandi, Igor Biscan and a hungry dog: It’s the week in comments
Ghandi, Igor Biscan and a hungry dog: It’s the week in comments

You may have enjoyed a short week after a well deserved bank holiday, but sport never sleeps.

So, before another big weekend of action gets under way, take some time to pay yourself and your peers on the back for some top notch commenting.

Here are some of the best this week.

I had Subbuteo but one day I didn’t put it away properly and my dog swallowed a player. After seeing the vet bill my dad put the game inthe attic and I never saw it again.

Mike O’Connor appreciates the little details as one man films himself riding the Ballinagh rollercoaster.

Love the fact he’s wearing the matching socks too.

Mark Hearne fears more of the same from Ireland and reckons there’s only one man to blame for his hangover

“The Conor Murray box kicking drinking game is wrecking my liver.fingers crossed he doesn’t start”

11 years on, Tony Flynn still hasn’t fully gotten over his Championship Manager problem.

I smashed a laptop screen in anger/despair when I was about 13 and on a Christmas holiday binge of CM 01/02. I’ve never experienced anger like it since. Over the course of two weeks I probably slept 3 or 4 hours a night. My parents obviously weren’t the most attentive…

In the same comment section, Conor Graham recalls the happier times.

Igor Biscan once requested a transfer so I fined him two weeks wages every week for a year. It was a lean Christmas in the Biscan house.

Yep, Championship Manager heads like David Murphy are THIS serious.

Probably the best article, I’ve ever read, across all forms of media. encapsulating!, I’ll be glued in come November 15th!

Gordon D’Arcy wants three wins for Ireland this month, Fecky Din on the other hand...

“I’d settle for just one

Against New Zealand

Please God…


Tell the truth, Noel O’Gorman, were you one of those disappointed dads on Halloween?

What about all the disappointed Dads who only took the kids out tonight for the chance of knocking on Amy Huberman’s door? No consideration!

Nigel McGlynn was on the fence in last night’s poll, but probably right all the same.

Dream team but more than likely end in tears. Lift O’Neill do his stuff and let Keane entertain the media.

Sean Page reacts to news that Morgan Parra got off light.

As Gandhi would say ‘That’s bollocks, so it is.’

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