Giants coach Joe Judge plans to run Jason Garrett's Cowboys offense

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After more than a decade with the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett has found new employment as offensive coordinator of the New York Giants.

While discussing his unit’s offense, Giants rookie head coach Joe Judge indicated that Garrett will bring plenty with him to the Meadowlands.

From Sports Illustrated’s Patricia Traina:

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“I think schematically the easiest way to describe [the offense] to the outside world right now is you know it's going to be similarly based on what Jason's done in Dallas,” Judge said via a Zoom teleconference with reporters.

“There's going to be some similarities, but it's got to cater to the players we have on our roster.”

That’s not surprising. You don’t hire Jason Garrett as an offensive coordinator if you aren’t willing to use the Jason Garrett offense. However, this kinda gets back to the whole idea of hiring Garrett in the first place.

After a decade of mixed results in Dallas, the Cowboys’ offense ranked first in the league in total yards under Garrett last season. Much of that improvement was ascribed to new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and the ascent of quarterback Dak Prescott. Overall, Garrett had been a frustrating presence for Cowboys fans for years.

Now, Garrett will be trying to achieve the same results, but with Daniel Jones instead of Prescott. While facing a team well-practiced against his system twice a year.

Jason Garrett, and his offense, will be staying in the NFC East. (AP Photo/Roger Steinman)
Jason Garrett, and his offense, will be staying in the NFC East. (AP Photo/Roger Steinman)

Judge added that some elements of last year’s Giants offense will be rolled in to maintain continuity for Jones:

“There's going to be similarities in some regards to Daniel. I can't tell you concrete wise what that's going to be. But there's a lot of ‘cousin concepts’ in every offense,” he added, also noting that a lot of the verbiage is similar to the offense that current Alabama head coach Nick Saban, for whom Garrett worked as the offensive coordinator when the two were in Miami, used.

“Once you work under somebody, you develop your style, but you borrow a lot from that person that you just left,” Judge said. “Whether it's as simple as verbiage, terminology, you know, philosophies on route running, past protections, all those things there. I would say, there's gonna be some similarities with Daniel, but I would not say there’s a carryover in any way, shape, or form from his rookie year.”

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