Gilmore Girls' Scott Patterson explains show's "feel good" legacy

Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls star on show's "feel good" legacyNetflix

Gilmore Girls' Scott Patterson has explained the show's "feel good" legacy, 16 years on from its ending.

In an interview promoting his new CW drama Sullivan's Crossing, Patterson reflected on the popularity of Gilmore Girls, particularly in autumn.

"I think people love the show because it's such a safe, warm place," he told Parade. "They know they're gonna get a million laughs. They know they're gonna feel good."

Gilmore Girls

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Patterson compared Gilmore Girls' iconic leafy suburb Stars Hollow to the location of Sullivan's Crossing. He also touched on how rewatchable the show is, with the hope his latest drama will gain some of its loyal fans.

"[Stars Hollow] is a beautiful, leafy place. Sullivan's Crossing is similar, but there's a little more water involved," he began.

"I think Sullivan's Crossing has the potential to become this annual event. Sure, people are gonna watch the other show until the end of time, but I think they're gonna watch maybe one less entire binge of it and one more of Sullivan's Crossing."

Patterson played Luke Danes for all seven seasons of the beloved comedy drama before its conclusion in 2007.

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He returned for the show's spin-off series A Year in the Life in 2016, which saw Luke and Lorelai (Lauren Graham) in a happy relationship, with Lorelai revealing in the final scene that she is pregnant.

In his new series, Patterson reunites with Chad Michael Murray to tell the story of a neurosurgeon who returns to her hometown of Sullivan's Crossing and her estranged father Sully (played by Patterson).

Patterson recently spoke of the similarities between Sully and Luke, saying it's easy to view the former as "an extension" of the latter. Speaking to Decider, he described Sully's trajectory: "Imagine if Luke and Lorelai never got together and Luke became despondent, they shut down Luke's Diner, and he moved out of the country."

Gilmore Girls and A Year in the Life are available to stream now on Netflix. Sullivan's Crossing airs on The CW.

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