New Girl's Lamorne Morris Jokingly Took A Shot At Jake Johnson When Asked About A Possible Revival

 Jake johnson and lamorne morris on new girl.
Jake johnson and lamorne morris on new girl.

Who’s that girl? Well, as fans of the hit Fox comedy New Girl know, it’s Jess. For seven seasons we laughed along as she, Nick, Winston, Schmidt, and Cece played the incomprehensible True American drinking game and delivered some of the best inside jokes from Jess and the gang. The series, which starred Zooey Deschanel, Lamorne Morris, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield and Hannah Simone, ended in 2018 but still has many devoted fans who would love to see a revival, and Morris recently jokingly took a shot at Johnson when asked about getting everyone back together.

What Did New Girl’s Lamorne Morris Joke About Jake Johnson When Asked About A Revival?

Though the years since the popular sitcom wrapped have been difficult ones for many people, one of the small bright spots was having beloved comfort shows to turn to when we just needed a damn break. Fans new and old were able to indulge their funny bones by streaming all of New Girl’s best episodes, and anyone who loved watching Winston with Furguson or seeing Nick moonwalk backwards would, naturally, want to see the cast together again. When speaking with Entertainment Tonight recently, Lamorne Morris (who played Winston) noted that the cast is mostly up for it, but the final decision is up to show creator Elizabeth Meriwether, and added:

You gotta call her, you gotta call Liz or Jake Johnson because Jake Johnson really ran the ship. His quota is so high now that I don't believe we'd be able to afford him. He has a new movie that just came out, Self Reliance or some shit like that, you know, that no one seems to be watching. But besides that, besides those two, we would all love to do it.

Well, this is certainly more clear cut than one of Winston’s infamously bad pranks (in one he put Jake Johnson’s Nick on the California sex offender registry), and I love how he took shots at his former co-star while also promoting Johnson’s new movie.

Everyone’s been busy since they finished portraying their hilarious New Girl characters nearly six years ago. Morris was recently seen on Fargo Season 5, while Max Greenfield (Schmidt) has been on the CBS sitcom, The Neighborhood, since right after the Fox show ended. Hannah Simone (Cece) is going into Season 2 of Not Dead Yet on ABC, while Zooey Deschanel (Jess) returned to television in Apple TV+’s dramedy, Physical, for Season 3, and got engaged to boyfriend Jonathan Scott. Johnson, meanwhile, co-executive produced and starred in two seasons of Minx for Max/Starz and recently released his feature length directorial debut in the aforementioned Self Reliance on Hulu.

Speaking of that new streaming film, it hit the service on January 12, and by the very next day was already number one on Hulu’s Top 15 list, so Morris pretending that no one watched it is just a very Winston thing for him to do so he could poke fun at his friend. The cast is still very close after all these years, and Morris and Johnson actually engaged in a bit of a Nick and Winston mess-around on Instagram to help promote the new movie, so maybe he can get his good buddy to lower his asking price and help along the New Girl revival fans are hoping for.