Gladiators fans go WILD for Diamond comparing her to this original star

 A group shot of the Gladiators from the new BBC reboot.
A group shot of the Gladiators from the new BBC reboot.

Gladiators is back! And fans of the BBC show are already drawing comparisons with the original '90s and '00s stars.

In last night's Gladiators 2024 episode (which aired Saturday 13th January 2024) six-foot-tall Diamond was the first female contestant to make her entrance.

Diamond, also known as Liv Sheldon, can according to the show's description, "Lift 160kg which is the equivalent of a gorilla".

And fans were quick to comment on the likeness between her and one of the original Gladiators - fan favourite Jet.

'Catching up on the "new" Gladiators & they've done a really good job with it. Took me back to my childhood. Also, pretty convinced Diamond is this generation's Jet, by a long way,' wrote one fan on X (formerly Twitter).

To which another replied, 'Agreed. Also I was careful how I said it but I have no shame in admitting that Diamond, Sabre & Fury are instant crushes even as someone old enough to know better so god knows how your average kid going through puberty feels about them!'

And another said, 'I think Diamond might be the new Jet, but that’s my opinion. Who’s snake hips?'

While another said, 'Watching it with my wee lass who absolutely loved it from round one 'what you doing - hit her!' Could have been done without 'Muuum dad fancies Diamond' though - nobody likes a grass.'

'Love the new gladiators glad they kept the OG theme, Diamond and Sabre are hot af,' wrote another fan online.

While another said, 'Diamond is my new Jet on #Gladiators.'

While another wrote on the platform, 'Awaiting who is going to live up to Lightening and Jet!! Diamond and Sabre step forward!!! Sweet Jesus of Nazareth!!'

We're expecting great things from Diamond!

Gladiators 2024 continues on Saturday 19th January 2024 at 5.50 pm on BBC1. After that it will air in the same slot every Saturday.