Glenn Hoddle column: Tottenham were wrong to sack Jose Mourinho - he’ll win and be success again

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Glenn Hoddle
·4-min read
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 (POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
(POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

From his views on a big summer ahead for Tottenham to the European Super League fiasco and whether Jose Mourinho is finished in England, here Standard Sport’s columnist Glenn Hoddle answers your questions and picks out the player he will be watching closing this week.

Jack asks…

Where do Tottenham go from here? What needs to happen to get them back to challenging for big trophies again?

I think they need a real revamp, a rebuild in every department of the pitch. And it does not matter who the manager is, they are going to need to spend money.

They have got a fabulous stadium and training ground, but have they got the intent after a pandemic and losing so much? I cannot see it.

There has got to be a reconstruction of the squad. I hear ‘Tottenham have a great squad’ but I do not get that. They have got a couple of great players but the squad is nowhere near deep enough and there are players there who are just not good enough if you want to get in the Champions League.

No disrespect, there are players there who are average Premier League players. There is an age problem going forward at the back in the next season or two, the midfield needs some sort of spark and they have to hold on to Harry Kane and Heung-min Son.

Whether they are going to spend the money to do that, I do not think they will. Tottenham are at a bit of a crossroads now.

Melanie asks…

Is Jose Mourinho done in England after he was sacked by Spurs?

No, not necessarily. I do not think Jose should have been sacked. Every manager needs time and, like I said in my answer to the first question, it is not the Spurs squad that people think.

People talk about how poorly Jose did at Manchester United and I do laugh because he came runners-up in the Premier League and he won two trophies. Now any Spurs fan would have settled for that when he arrived.

Jose is a good manager, he has proved that. So he will go somewhere, whether or not it is somewhere in this country I do not know, but he will win and be successful.

Michael asks…

What did you make of the whole European Super League debacle last week?

It was all down to greed, all down to money.

It was run by billionaires who had the audacity to think they could run away into the night sky and make a lot of money. It was arrogant and selfish but the power of the fans, the players, the managers and everyone uniting together came through.

You cannot have a competition where there is no real competition. It was very Americanised thinking. At the end of the day, it came and went before you knew it.

There was no real plan going forward, it was all quite embarrassing. Of course the Italian and Spanish teams are going to be up for it because they are in debt. The English teams did not need the money, that was greed.

Karla asks…

Are Arsenal in danger of becoming a mid-table club?

Arsenal and Tottenham are in a similar boat. Arsenal’s advantage over Tottenham at the moment is they have some really good youngsters coming through. Spurs have had their batch of youngsters seven or eight years ago.

But both teams need a bit of a rebuild and it is going to be intriguing to see what happens over the next two or three seasons.

Arsenal FC via Getty Images
Arsenal FC via Getty Images

My player to watch this week is…

I am looking forward to seeing Phil Foden against Paris Saint-Germain. Kylian Mbappe looks like the next prince on the throne in world football and it will be lovely to see how Foden performs over there.

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