'It's going to cause more accidents' - readers react to Highway Code changes

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'It's going to cause more accidents' - readers react to Highway Code changes
'It's going to cause more accidents' - readers react to Highway Code changes

From tomorrow the Highway Code is changing, and as well as giving prioirty to pedestrians at junctions, the rules are changing for how car users will need to react to cyclists.

We asked our readers what they thought about the changes that would give cyclists priority on the roads.

Diane Johnson said: "Think it’s ridiculous if they want priority on the roads then they should pay tax just like any other vehicle has to do. A bike is a mode of transport. This is not going to go well. It will be dangerous for car owners and cyclists."

Anthony Hoyle said: "What about cycle tax, that would be a good idea. Oh and don't forget to teach them that they do not have the right of way over pedestrians."

Carl Robinsons commented: "Lovely earner for insurance companies because any collision is the drivers fault, easy for the police to go after drivers. This is designed to raise money and cyclists don't raise money from fines etc."

And Alan Calverley said: "As a cyclist and a driver, I think it's ridiculous, the crash for cash guys will be rubbing their hands together."

Andy Watton agreed and added: "It’s likely to end with more collisions. And a squashy human body versus a big metal box doesn’t bode well for the former. Don’t see the logic in these changes at all."

While Carol Bowden commented: "Insurance for bike riders should be compulsory (I am sure many responsible riders already have it, but there will be more without) to be able to ride on public roads. Yesterday I was crossing a pelican crossing on Deansgate which was on red to vehicles and a bike decided not to stop but to go straight through with four people already on the crossing.

"I walked to the junction of Bridge Street and Deansgate and when the lights turned red and people had started to cross another bike went through (at these lights all four sets change to red at the same time so you have people crossing every junction). This was within a couple of minutes of each other.

"If a pedestrian had been hit and injured they most likely would not have been able to claim for loss of earnings like they can with other road users."

And Myles Rowlinson echoed the above sentiments by saying: "Going to be a lot of dead people and injured - the most stupid idea you imagine. Common sense really does not exist anymore even cyclists and horse people think it is a stupid idea. They should have been consulting the public and telling people a couple of years in advance. About as smart as smart motorways."

While Michael Ellison said: "It's only going to 'cause more accidents' if you're a crap driver. Good drivers will already prioritise pedestrians and cyclists."

And Andy Hollin commented: "I watched a cyclist this morning going with traffic and because he didn’t want to wait at lights like everyone else he went across two lanes of traffic on to the pavement round corner, back across two lanes of traffic and back going with the traffic. If we have to give them priority they should follow the rules of roads like everyone else and be insured and trained to ride on road."

Although Paul Jarvis was quite happy about the new rules, adding: "Great news! About time really."

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