Golfer beats his age and odds of 9million-to-one at Oxford Golf Course

Graham Hoult at Oxford Golf Club <i>(Image: Oxford Golf Club)</i>
Graham Hoult at Oxford Golf Club (Image: Oxford Golf Club)

Amateur golfer Graham Hoult beat his age at Oxford Golf Club to achieve one of the sport’s rarest feats.

Mr Hoult, aged 72, completed the historic course in 71 shots, to beat his age.

Beating your age in golf is said to be the toughest challenge in the sport with less than 1% of golfers achieving it in their lifetime – which is said to equal a one in nine million chance.

But retired hairdresser Mr Hoult sensationally pulled it off at Oxford Golf Club earlier this month with a remarkable round on the 18-hole course.

He shot one over par at the course based on Hilltop Road, Oxford, and got the drinks in for fellow members at the clubhouse to celebrate.

“It’s better than a hole-in-one,” said Mr Hoult, of Oxford.

“I was excited as it’s a hard thing to achieve in golf and you have to be a certain age to do it.

“The day before I had the chance to par the course and beat my age, but I dropped points on the 18th. It was so close and to manage it in my next round in bad weather was brilliant.

“It’s a special score and things like this don’t come around often in golf. One of my two golf partners on the day said ‘mate do you know what you’ve just done?’ I said ‘oh wow! Let’s go and ring the bell!’. It was a day I won’t forget, everything just clicked.”

Mr Hoult has been a member of Oxford Golf Club since 1976.

“It’s a classic course and it’s always had good greens,” he said. “I love golf and it’s great for exercise.

“Now I’m retired I can play more regularly. I did have a handicap of five and when I retired, I thought it would get better with more practice. But it got worse and went up to between six and nine.

Oxford Mail:
Oxford Mail:

“My handicap index when I played the round was 6.6 which means my course handicap was 7. My car number plate is ‘G5 HCP’ I thought the G was for Graham, but everyone at the club said it was golf and 5 was my handicap at the time, so it stuck.

"So, when my handicap got worse everyone joked, I’d need a new number plate. Finally, I’ve got it back to a five.”

Steve Greenwood, Oxford Golf Club General Manger said: “This is one of the finest achievements in golf and Graham has rightly been the talk of the club. It’s something golfers dream of and we’re all thrilled for Graham.”

Founded in 1873 Oxford Golf Club was the original club of Oxford University and to this day features an 18-hole course designed by legendary golf architect Harry Colt.

Further information about the club is available via Home - Oxford Golf Club.



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