Gordon Ramsay's Luxurious Breakfast Sandwich Is Served On A Brioche Bun

Gordon Ramsay at event
Gordon Ramsay at event - Rob Kim/Getty Images

Eggs and toast is breakfast at its most simple but just because something's a classic, doesn't mean it's not delicious. The combination leaves plenty of room for innovation and variation, from the way you make your eggs to the bread you choose. In the case of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, that bread is often brioche. It's a slightly sweet option that provides the perfect vehicle for your next egg sandwich.

If you think about what actually makes an authentic brioche, like sugar and butter, those flavors pair beautifully with both sweet and savory dishes. In his recipe for poached eggs and mushrooms, for instance, he layers the hearty ingredients atop the bread. What better way to mop up a runny yolk? As for specifics, Ramsay singles out thick slices of brioche and recommends toasting them. Then, he puts them in the pan fat leftover from fried bacon.

Granted, brioche is not for everybody, nor every sandwich. The late Anthony Bourdain didn't like brioche buns for hamburgers because they tend to crumble when paired with something greasy. However, while brioche may not be as durable as other rolls, it's a delicious option for breakfast that holds up well to eggs.

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Try Brioche On Your Next Egg Sandwich For A Ramsay-Inspired Upgrade

Brioche sandwich
Brioche sandwich - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

If you're looking to try one of America's best breakfast sandwiches, but don't want to leave the comfort of your own home, this is the version you'll want to make. To start, you'll need, of course, brioche buns — though you can also make your own brioche with just a few ingredients. Of course, a great sandwich is only as great as its filling and the bread is just half of the equation.

The interior of Ramsay's brioche egg sandwich calls for a dozen eggs, slated to yield enough for two servings. He starts the recipe by frying bacon and shallots on the stove. In a separate pan, he then cracks all of those eggs alongside butter, which acts as a thickener. Once everything is cooked, Ramsay adds crème fraîche, onions, and seasoning in the form of salt and pepper. With his filling nearly ready, he sandwiches it between those beloved, toasted brioche buns. From there, he adds a final touch of cheese in the form of goat and cheddar.

Sure, the sandwich includes quite a few ingredients and quite a few steps. But with brioche as your base, you'll have a breakfast that's everything but a kitchen nightmare.

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