I Got the Same $1,250 Caviar Facial as Chris Pratt And Yes, It Was ‘Tremendous’

(Photo: La Prairie)
(Photo: La Prairie)

Sometimes, in the name of work, one must make grueling, unexpected sacrifices.

Such was the case after my interview with the singularly funny Chris Pratt, who revealed that the day before our chat, he’d had a caviar facial. His verdict? “Tremendous.”

So this intrepid, ambitious beauty and style editor tracked down the one place in Manhattan that offers such luxurious facial treatments: The La Prairie spa at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. And promptly booked an appointment to test Pratt’s skin savvy. Does Pratt, who headlines multiple Hollywood franchises but doesn’t even have his own fragrance deal, have a future career as a beauty editor?

Why, yes, he does.

My summary: Going forward, where Pratt goes, this woman follows. The facial, which was 90 minutes of pure bliss, was calming, rejuvenating and restorative. It’s not cheap, costing $275 – $1,250, depending on the level of service. According to La Prairie, caviar lifts and firms, restores harmony, improves elasticity and skin tone, and makes your skin brighter and more even.

(Photo: Donna Freydkin)
(Photo: Donna Freydkin)

Let me run you through it. First, you go to the spa level of the hotel, enter the locker room and don a robe. So far, so standard. Then, you select your music; I picked a feng shui mix that was billed as being ultra-soothing. It was. Then, you lay down on a heated bed, in a dim treatment room. And the magic happens.

There’s cleansing. There’s a steam, then extractions. There’s an arm massage, a neck massage, and a footrub. There’s more cleansing. There’s moisturizing. And then, the grand finale: the caviar-laden sheet mask that promises to lighten, brighten, even things out, reduce puffiness and hydrate.

(Photo: Donna Freydkin)
(Photo: Donna Freydkin)

Spoiler alert: it does.

I walked in with crepey, spotty, tired, deeply dehydrated skin. Normally, I don’t buy into miracle solutions, because they don’t exist. And with my own beauty regimen, I’m simple to a fault, generally just using coconut or almond oil on my face. But after also dabbing on the eye cream and the serum from La Prairie’s White Caviar collection, I did notice a difference. Your skin seems to gobble it up.

My facialist explained that a lot of edible oils, despite their organic credentials, are simply too heavy and dense for some types of skin to absorb. So they sit on the surface, not doing much of anything. That was the case with me.

Not so with this facial. After I was done, instead of looking washed-out and tired, I looked like I’d just taken a brisk, refreshing hike on a crisp spring afternoon. And I walked out, after 90 minutes of such intense pampering that apparently resulted in me taking a lengthy nap during the process, I was told — with plump cheeks, and a skin texture that was somewhere between silk and velvet.

At pickup that night, a parent commented that I looked — well — incredibly rested, like I’d been on a mini-vacation. Indeed, I had. Thank you, Chris Pratt and La Prairie.

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