'What have we got to lose?' - Jaguars HC Pederson puts his trust in 'lights out' Lawrence

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The Jacksonville Jaguars produced a stunning 28-27 comeback victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, with Trevor Lawrence leading arguably the best drive of his career.

Trailing 27-20 late in the fourth quarter, the Jaguars got the ball back with two minutes and two seconds remaining on the clock, needing a touchdown.

Lawrence, the top overall pick from last year's NFL Draft, led a 10-play, 75-yard drive in 1:48 of game time, threading the needle down the sideline to find Marvin Jones Jr for a 10-yard touchdown with 14 seconds left over.

Instead of kicking the extra point to tie the game and force overtime, Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson opted to leave his offense on the field for a chance to win it with a two-point conversion.

Lawrence delivered yet again, finding Zay Jones in the flat to take the lead and seal the win.

Speaking to the media after the win, Pederson said he had supreme faith in his 23-year-old quarterback, and trusted him when he said he wanted to go for it.

"What have we got to lose?," he said. "This is something I told the staff during that last five or six minutes of the game – we’ve got to think players, not plays, and trust our guys.

"Our guys believe. They believe. Once we scored that touchdown at the end, they wanted to go for two. It wasn’t my decision.

"The players were like 'let’s go'. I got a lot of faith and trust in them, and it was just a well-executed play.

"Trevor today was lights out, he played extremely well. That throw, that catch for the two-point was a thing of beauty. I think as a football team too, a win like this just kind of heads us in the right direction."

The Jaguars have been on the losing end of six one-score games this season, and Lawrence said he is excited for this team to be figuring out how to win.

"We’ve been on the other side, so we understand what that feels like too," he said. "I think we’re just appreciative of where we are, how far we’ve come, kind of what’s in front of us still.

"We said it’s a new season once we got back from the bye week. You can’t win seven games until you win one, and we had to start today.

"Obviously there was some adversity and we had to battle through it, and we just found a way. It was incredible."

He went on to discuss his relationship with Pederson, and how he values the trust placed in him to win the game.

"Just that trust he has in us – we’ve been in that situation a lot and haven’t gotten it done,” he said.

"For him to keep trusting us and keep trusting me and our offense, it was big for us. But I’ve said it before, I’m the same guy. I’ve always been this guy.

"I haven’t always played my best every week, and that’s going to happen sometimes, but I really love the direction that this offense, this team is heading, and we feel really good about who we are."

With the result, the Jaguars are now 4-7, three wins behind the Tennessee Titans for the AFC South lead.