Grab Some Pickled Beets For Vibrant Valentine's Day Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs dyed with pickled beets
Deviled eggs dyed with pickled beets - Carey Jaman/Shutterstock

Time spent with your special someone on Valentine's Day should be romantic and thoughtful. It can also be as deliciously sweet as your wooing of each other, especially if y'all gift each other the best Valentine's Day candies. If you and your significant other plan to wake up together on Valentine's Day, don't wait until the evening to share an intimate, delicious meal. Make your first meal of the day just as romantic as your last by fixing some Valentine's Day deviled eggs for breakfast. All you have to do is use pickled beets to transform your deviled eggs into a delectable meal that's beautifully customized for the morning of your Valentine's Day.

When you mix your ingredients to create the filling for your deviled eggs, you can add beet juice as a natural dye to color your deviled egg filling romantic red. As a result, your finished eggs will have lovely Valentine's Day colors of white deviled eggs with red filling. Alternatively, you can cut your pickled beets into heart shapes for a romantic red topping on your white deviled eggs. Achieving either of these Valentine's Day spins on deviled eggs is simple and quick.

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How To Make Valentine's Day Deviled Eggs With Pickled Beets

Heart shaped raw beet slices on a cutting board
Heart shaped raw beet slices on a cutting board - Africa Studio/Shutterstock

There are a couple of ways to fashion pickled beets into heart shapes for Valentine's Day. One method is to press a small heart-shaped cookie cutter down on beet slices. Another way is to use a paring knife to cut heart shapes out of your beet slices. Regardless of which method you use, you'll have some beautiful heart-shaped beets to top off your deviled eggs for a lovely Valentine's Day breakfast.

To create a romantic red filling for your deviled eggs, combine hard-boiled egg yolks, mayonnaise, your preferred mustard, sour cream, salt, pepper, and 50 grams of grated raw beet with 2 tablespoons of pickling juice in a bowl. As you stir the mixture, you'll see it turn a vibrant red, perfect for a Valentine's Day theme. You also want your filling to achieve a silky consistency, so use enough mayonnaise and mustard until the texture is smooth and creamy. Ready your egg halves for filling, then use a pastry piping bag to fill them with your mixture. Give your deviled eggs a romantic aesthetic by using the pastry piping bag to swirl the filling like ice cream in your egg halves. Now you have some Valentine's Day deviled eggs that you and your special someone can enjoy. But you can also level up these deviled eggs to make them even more fitting for your first shared meal on Valentine's Day.

Make Heart Beet Deviled Eggs

Person holding heart shaped boiled egg
Person holding heart shaped boiled egg - DaveHax/YouTube

You can make your deviled eggs heart-shaped and swirl them with your romantic red filling to make "heart beet deviled eggs." The method to achieve this is simple and quick. Get an empty quart milk carton, and cut the corners off to make a long, flat piece of paperboard with a sharp indent that runs the whole length. Crease the paperboard to ensure that the indent in the middle is strong.

Once your eggs are boiled and peeled, place an egg in the middle of your paperboard, securing it firmly by squeezing the sides around the egg to shape the bottom of your "heart." Next, place a chopstick on top of the egg and then secure the chopstick to the egg by tying rubber bands around the opposite ends of the chopstick and paperboard. Let the egg, chopstick, and paperboard creation rest for a while, allowing the chopstick to press into the egg and shape it.

After 10 minutes, remove the chopsticks, rubber bands, and paperboard, and you'll have a heart-shaped egg. Slice the egg in half, remove the yolk, and swirl beet juice-dyed filling with a pastry piping bag to make "heart beet deviled eggs." Your significant other will be wowed by this simple tip for a thoughtful Valentine's Day.

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