The Grand Tour star Richard Hammond's Channel 4 show cancelled

richard hammond in a dark three piece suit on the set of his show crazy contraptions
Richard Hammond's Channel 4 show cancelledChannel 4

Richard Hammond's Channel 4 series Crazy Contraptions has been cancelled after one season.

Hosted by the Grand Tour presenter, the show saw teams work together to build ingenious creations out of everyday objects.

"Richard Hammond's Crazy Contraptions was a bold and creative programme that engaged audiences with the exciting world of science and engineering," a Channel 4 spokesperson said in a statement alongside the cancellation news (via Metro).

"Our strategy continues to be one that develops new formats and exciting ideas."

richard hammond, crazy contraptions
Channel 4

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The first season aired last year, with Hammond overseeing two teams as they had access to the same household objects and were tasked with building chain-reaction machines. The goal of the mechanism was to complete basic day-to-day tasks in the most complicated and elaborate manner.

Hammond previously revealed that he'd been inspired to do the series after many failed attempts to build his own machines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The presenter is best known for his work alongside long-term co-presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May on the motoring shows Top Gear and The Grand Tour.

Last year, Hammond spoke about the dangers of filming in high-powered cars, revealing that "just because you're doing telly doesn't mean things can't go wrong".

richard hammon crazy contraptions
Channel 4

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Hammond had previously been in a near-fatal accident while filming Top Gear in 2006 as well as a smaller accident in an early season of Grand Tour.

"I've ended up in hospital with things broken, including my brain, because they do and there's nothing you can do, there's no magic wand," he explained.

"There's no protective TV bubble... Accidents can happen."

The Grand Tour season 5 is slated to air its next episode on June 16.

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