A woman accidentally swallowed an AirPod instead of her vitamins while she was distracted, sparking curiosity and sympathy as she eagerly waits for it to pass

Screenshot of Tanna Barker's TikTok
“I could feel it going down so slow,” Barker said of the shocking mishap.TikTok / @tannasellsutah, TikTok / @raddsauce
  • A Utah woman said she swallowed an AirPod instead of her vitamins while engrossed in conversation.

  • Tanna Barker told Insider she's been advised by family in the medical field to let the object pass naturally.

  • Commenters on her viral TikTok applauded her humor and shared their relatable mishaps.

While distractedly talking to a friend, a Utah real-estate agent accidentally swallowed her husband's AirPod Pro instead of a handful of vitamins, she shared in a viral TikTok video that's been viewed 2.1 million times.

Tanna Barker, 52, told Insider (while speaking on her remaining AirPod) that she's been monitoring the situation after being advised by family members in the medical field to let the object pass naturally.

On TikTok over the weekend, Barker said the mishap occurred on Saturday when she was on a walk and ran into a friend. Enthralled in their conversation, she went to take her vitamins. Something felt weird, she recalled, and she initially assumed her pills had been "fused together in a weird shape." So she kept swallowing harder and guzzling water.

"I could feel it going down so slow," she told Insider.

After bidding farewell to her friend, Barker said, she realized the pills were still in her hand and she had accidentally swallowed her husband's left AirPod Pro. (She has her own AirPods but happened to be borrowing his that day.)

"I was just like, 'Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I just did that,'" she recounted. "'I've got an AirPod inside me now.'"

Barker said she returned home in shock and tearfully relayed to her husband what had happened. He urged her not to tell anyone — though she insisted she had to, including her 4,000 TikTok followers – as they began reaching out to friends and family in the medical profession.

"Almost all of them said to let it pass naturally, and it should be fine because the battery's encased," Barker said. "One of them asked if I had swallowed both [AirPods,] and I said no. And he said, 'Well, that's good because it has the magnet in it and that could have caused an issue.'"

'I've never been so invested in someone's bowels'

Commenters were shocked and mostly curious whether the AirPod still worked inside Barker's body — and whether she could hear music emanating from her stomach.

The answer is no, though it still seems to be working. On Saturday, Barker said that Apple's "Find My" app signaled the AirPods were "here" when her husband pressed his phone against her stomach. It worked twice, without any beeping noises, she said, but the next day it got "disconnected," and they couldn't make it work the same.

Amid a distressing ordeal, commenters applauded Barker for her sense of humor.

"Unbothered queen lol I have a panic attack if I have a lil indigestion," one person said.

Others joked back with her. "When you get it back, it will be an ipood," someone quipped.

Some shared their own run-ins with swallowed foreign objects. One person said they accidentally ingested their contact lenses after leaving them in a cup of water overnight.

"I just have to find humor in my life," Barker told Insider. "And so that's kind of a default, thank goodness."

This is not to say she isn't harboring some anxiety. While many people told her she should be fine, a doctor she knows in real life cautioned that she should go to the emergency room if she runs a fever, or her "stomach gets hard" and she's nauseous, she said.

Barker has meanwhile been monitoring her bowel movements with gloves, and plans to keep her followers updated as the saga unfolds. She says everyone's comments have made her feel less alone.

"The support has been so amazing and people have been so kind," she said. "People have said, 'I've never been so invested in someone's bowels.'"

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