Great Dane hilariously attempts to sit on a bed made for tiny dogs: 'Only knows "be comfy"'

This Great Dane was hilariously determined to fit into a tiny dog bed, and despite being unsuccessful in his pursuit, TikTok viewers applauded the effort.

Dogs have interesting spatial awareness, to put it mildly. Kernel (@kernelthegreat), a Great Dane and TikTok star, demonstrated this in a hysterical video where he’s intent on squeezing into a bed designed for a tiny dog, and viewers can’t help but gush over his adorably earnest attempt.

The clip opens with a shot of Kernel stretching out the sides of a tiny plush donut-style dog bed with his paws in an effort to make it big enough for him to fit.

Kernel finally decides that his best bet is to just lie down on top of the tiny dog bed before the video comes to a close.

A perfect fit?

Viewers couldn’t get over Kernel’s adorable perseverance, in addition to his hilarious lack of awareness regarding objects and their proportions.

“He was stretching it out so he’d fit in perfectly,” one user observed.

“I read somewhere that while cats know precisely where they begin and end, dogs have ZERO perception of size,” shared one TikToker.

“When I visit my parent’s house, I bring my 10lb dog’s bed. Their 60lb dog tries to fit in it every time,” one viewer mentioned.

“Large boy does not know mass or dimension. Only knows ‘be comfy,’” joked one TikToker.

Kernel may have been unsuccessful in his efforts, but you gotta give the dog credit for trying.

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