Green: Fans want to see Rangers in super league

Rangers chief executive Charles Green insists his fallen Scottish giants will be involved during the inevitable transition to a European super league.

Green: Fans want to see Rangers in super league

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Charles Green insists top European clubs want to play each other on a regular basis

The club unveiled plans for admission to the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange on Thursday in the hope of raising up to £20 million. Green anticipates the exploitation of untapped revenue streams such as merchandising will help elevate Rangers back into the Scottish Premier League.

And, once there, he insists they will be welcomed at the top table of European football, the landscape of which will be radically altered by the demands of top clubs.

"There will be a European league because big teams can't keep subsidising small teams like Southampton for the next 10 years because they will go stale," he said.

"Arsenal don't want to play Southampton or Swansea, but ask them if they want to play Celtic or Rangers. It's what the fans want to see. Fans across the world want to see Manchester United play Barcelona, not just once every few years but every season.

"If there are two divisions of 18 clubs, how could Rangers not be a part of that? I'm convinced it will happen because otherwise where will the revenues for the top come from?

"These days Arsenal are struggling to sell out their game against West Ham. How can Manchester United's revenues be £320m and Aston Villa, who are completely useless, get £250m? It all comes from Sky and it's not decided by what a club puts in.

"What Manchester United put into world football is massive, but what they take out of it is a joke and they won't put up with that for much longer."

Rangers are hoping to raise £20m through an institutional investor placing and limited public offering.

Green revealed the club will be undertaking an institutional investor roadshow, claiming that to date there has been "strong interest". The funds will be used to strengthen the squad, improve and develop the club's properties and facilities and provide additional working capital.

Green accepted that football has endured a chequered past concerning flotations on the stock exchange, but is confident Rangers will be a success.

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