'Green Lantern,' 'Cowboys & Aliens,' 3 More Comic-Con Faves That Fizzled at U.S. Box Office

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San Diego Comic-Con opens its doors this weekend. Fans will line up and dress up for early glimpses of Hollywood’s latest (and, everyone hopes, greatest) upcoming comic-book, sci-fi, horror, and other genre movie and TV projects. Yet despite the buzz that annually rises out of the convention’s Hall H for certain lucky projects, there’s a reason to greet at least some of that enthusiasm with skepticism if you’re outside the San Diego city limits: As we’ve seen again and again, getting a wild reception in the room at Comic-Con is never a guarantee a movie will click with general audiences.

As the Yahoo Movies Superfan video above bears out, it’s not unusual for high-profile genre films that excite fans at Comic-Con to go on to receive general apathy at the box office. Be it convention attendees in a receptive mood, early trailers that promised something the finished products didn’t deliver, or any number of other reasons, the five films in the above clip remind us that when it comes to Comic-Con buzz about fan reactions, take everything you hear and read with a grain of salt.

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