Grey’s Anatomy Was Renewed For Season 21, And The Responses On Social Are Wild

 Miranda Bailey looking hopefully up in Grey's Anatomy.
Miranda Bailey looking hopefully up in Grey's Anatomy.

Well, it’s official, Grey’s Anatomy is getting a 21st season. The show about the surgeons of Grey-Sloan Memorial has been gracing our screens for two decades, and now they’ll officially be returning to the 2024 TV schedule with another season, extending its run as the longest-running primetime medical drama. Now, considering this series has been on for so long that it’s of legal drinking age, fans are having a ball on the internet reacting to the news, and their responses are truly wild.

The wild fan reactions about Grey’s Anatomy getting a 21st season really run the gamut. From happy to angry, folks are feeling all kinds of ways, however, a common denominator among many of these reactions is chaos. For example, @jay_kt2’s feelings about the news are hilariously dramatic as they posted:

I am calling on President Biden to bring this show to an end. It is a national security imperative.

This viewer, @adrewscomet, had similar feelings as they posted:

someone sell that hospital

Well, I hate to break it to this person, but this hospital has faced this issue before, and they came out on top. So, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Also, while Station 19 was canceled, and some were worried Grey’s would end too, this news confirms that Grey Sloan Memorial isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Other fans had some great jokes about the renewal and the idea of Grey’s Anatomy going on forever. Take @jomaticaaa’s reaction for example:

they must be holograms because how are any of those characters still alive

Thinking along the same lines, @GreysAnatomyHD decided to put their Photoshop skills to work to imagine what Meredith Grey would look like come Season 50:

It currently takes a lot of work to catch up to Grey’s Anatomy, just imagine trying to get up to date during Season 50. That’d be wild, and it would take forever.

Along the same lines, one popular sentiment revolved around the fact that Grey’s Anatomy might live longer than all of us. @DannyWxo put it best as they posted:

Grey’s Anatomy is going to outlive us all.

It truly will, and you know who else will also outlive and outwork us all? Richard Webber. Some fans of the show are getting a kick out of the fact that he said he was going to retire in the early seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Considering he was thinking about that 20 years ago, that makes this reaction from @buggirl29 even funnier:

Personally, I’m thrilled that Richard Webber, Miranda Bailey and co. will get to keep working. While the cast of Grey’s Anatomy is consistently cycling in and out, the series has become a constant in many people’s lives…heck it’s been on for the majority of mine (I was 6 years old when Season 1 premiered), so it’s hard to imagine television without it.

From seeing more relationships flourish, like Lucas and Ameilia and Link and Jo, to following the new interns as they grow into residents and possible attendings, Grey’s Anatomy has a lot of stories left to tell. So, I for one, am stoked that Season 21 is coming.

If you are feeling up to the challenge, you can stream the first 20 Seasons of Grey’s with a Hulu subscription, and you can catch new episodes on ABC every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET, that way you’ll be ready to rock when Season 21 premieres next fall.