Grosjean feels stronger after ban


Romain Grosjean says he is coming back to Formula 1 a stronger driver following his race ban.

The Frenchman returns to action in Singapore after being forced to sit out the Italian GP for having caused a pile-up at the start in Belgium.

Having taken stock of the situation, Grosjean claims that the lessons of the last few weeks have been taken on board.

"We accepted the decision of the stewards and that means we were okay with it," he said about the race ban.

"Now it is three weeks away, so we have to take what we can from that decision, improve some small areas and know that when you have a tough time and come back you are stronger."

Grosjean says ensuring he does not get involved in further incidents involves more than simply being less aggressive with rivals.

"It is more complex than just being extra cautious," he explained. "There are a few things that have to be in place, so we will try and learn from the difficult time and improve ourselves.

"In F1 it is very tight between taking the right decision or taking the wrong decision - maybe one tenth of a second or less. And a lot of stress.

"It comes with the experience to know what you can do to take the right decision, but it is also about preparation. We will change a few things around me to get better prepared for the race and improve myself."

Grosjean also revealed that watching from the sidelines in Italy gave him some specific insights in to how his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen worked – which could help his own performance.

"I saw with my engineer a few things we can improve and, if the theory works on the track, then we should be able to improve.

"It was good in a way to be outside the car to look at the team and see what the two cars were doing on a weekend.

"Kimi has a lot of experience and I was listening to his radio through the whole weekend. We have seen a few things they were doing different on his side of the garage that we want to try.

"We picked up a few different things on his car that we struggle with, so we may get back to a level of confidence with the car that I prefer, as was the case in Valencia or Barcelona."

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