Guy Fieri’s Wife Lori Joined Him at His Super Bowl Tailgate for a Rare Red Carpet Appearance

"This has never happened before!” Fieri told reporters at Guy’s Flavortown Tailgate in Las Vegas

<p>Mindy Small/Getty</p> Guy Fieri and his wife Lori

Mindy Small/Getty

Guy Fieri and his wife Lori

Guy Fieri shared a sweet moment with his wife Lori on Sunday.

Ahead of the Super Bowl, the Food Network star hosted his annual Guy’s Flavortown Tailgate where stars like Eli Manning, Gordon Ramsay and Sophia Culpo attended. The Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives host's favorite guest though was his wife Lori.

She made a rare red carpet appearance with her chef husband during the event before the big game. "This has never happened before,” he told reporters of taking pictures with his wife.

Also at the tailgate were their sons, Hunter and Ryder, nephew Jules and Hunter’s fiancée Tara Bernstein. The fun group snapped some sweet family photos on the carpet before enjoying the party.

<p>Mindy Small/Getty</p> Guy Fieri and his wife Lori at Guy's Flavortown Tailgate.

Mindy Small/Getty

Guy Fieri and his wife Lori at Guy's Flavortown Tailgate.

Bernstein also posted photos with Hunter, the family and Ramsay, who gave Fieri a big hug when he arrived to his fellow chef’s tailgate.

“Best night with the fam ❤ love you,” Hunter commented, while his younger brother wrote, “What a trip!❤️”

Flavor Flav and Diplo both DJed the tailgate, and Dustin Lynch performed. At one point, Guy and Manning started throwing signed footballs out to the crowd.

The event, sponsored by Pepsi, was free to fans of all ages. You didn't even have to own a Super Bowl ticket to attend, you just needed to register in advance. Guy thought, "Why don't we throw a party for them, to let them come, and really get an experience, feel the energy of the Super Bowl?" he told PEOPLE.

<p>Mindy Small/Getty</p> Tara Bernstein, Hunter, Lori, Guy, Ryder and Jules.

Mindy Small/Getty

Tara Bernstein, Hunter, Lori, Guy, Ryder and Jules.

Bernstein and Hunter got engaged in November after meeting at Super Bowl 2023. Hunter proposed to the professional pickleball player on Thanksgiving Day.

"Come to Guy's Flavortown Tailgate and meet your life partner! It's Hunter’s love story!" Guy joked to PEOPLE ahead of the party.

Hunter and Tara opened up to PEOPLE exclusively after the proposal. "It all goes back to the Super Bowl," said Hunter.

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<p>Tara Bernstein/Instagram</p> Lori, Hunter, Tara Bernstein, Guy and Ryder.

Tara Bernstein/Instagram

Lori, Hunter, Tara Bernstein, Guy and Ryder.

Guy's Flavortown Tailgate shattered the record for the largest tailgate ever — and Bernstein was one of the 10,000-plus people in attendance that year.

The fun-spirited, outgoing personality that she embodies drew her and her friend to the stage, where they danced alongside the likes of Rob Gronkowski's brother, Gordie Jr., and other partygoers like Diplo and Chris Lucas of LOCASH.

"We're all dancing, having a great time," Bernstein recalled. "I turned around and I'm like, 'Hey, can you take a video of me?' And it was Hunter." He agreed to record the video, which Tara says featured her simply "dancing" and "having fun" for one whole minute.

"That was literally it," she said with a laugh, adding that he gave her phone back and they went their separate ways, eventually entering the stadium to watch the Super Bowl with their respective groups. "We didn't exchange contact info, nothing."

As the game went on, she realized her phone was low on battery. "I went to go get food and go to a concession stand to charge my phone," she explained. "I ended up plugging my phone in and staying there for literally an entire half of the game."

Coincidentally, Hunter also got up to get food. "We were hungry. We had a long day of working," Hunter said, before marveling, "We ended up seeing Tara again!"

Out of everyone in the entire stadium, Hunter said it was "super random" that they saw her again. "Literally by a ketchup and mustard stand, we're standing there and we're just chatting and we're just talking and hanging out," he recounted.

Hunter shared they "connected on a deep level really quickly" once they started chatting. "And next thing we know, the game's over. We missed the half time," Hunter said with a laugh.

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