Gwent boy beats top 10 snooker player Kyren Wilson

There was a shock in the snooker and a Welsh star may have been born... <i>(Image: Newsquest)</i>
There was a shock in the snooker and a Welsh star may have been born... (Image: Newsquest)

A 14-year-old Gwent boy beat a top 10 snooker player in a professional tournament.

Riley Powell won in the first round of the snooker shoot-out.

Powell, who lives in Tredegar, beat world number 8 Kyren Wilson in a tense one frame match where Powell came out on top 41-31.

After Wilson took the lead, Powell scored some excellent long pots and then held his nerve to win his first professional game.


South Wales Argus:
South Wales Argus:

(Riley in action, is just 14)

In an interview with Eurosport after the game Powell said, “first thing I went out there to do was enjoy it.

“Coming out there with the win…  I’ve just got no words to say to be honest with you.”

The amateur, Powell, has won national under 18 tournaments and has also competed in under 21 UK tournaments.

He trains at the Mark Williams Snooker Club in Tredegar, where he gets frequent tuition from the 3 time World Champion, Williams, who owns the club.

Powell, is one of 6 aspiring amateurs who have been chosen to compete in the tournament, with 14-year-old Vladislav Gradinari also winning in the first round.

Snooker player and pundit, Jimmy White, stated "I like the way he plays, he’s a modern-day player who goes for his long shots and two or three of them were quite difficult pots. He was quite clear headed out there, he ran the clock down, and he deserved to win.”

Powell will play in the second round on Friday evening.