How To Hack A Snickers Iced Coffee From McDonald's

McCafe drinks
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McDonald's may be best known for items like their famous Big Mac burgers and extra crispy Sprite, but recently, coffee lovers have flocked to the golden arches to get their hands on a drink that reminds them of their favorite candy bar. While coffee has been a permanent menu item on the McDonald's menu since the first restaurant opened its doors back in 1955, the McCafe offerings like frappes and cappuccinos didn't hit a majority of stores until the early 2000s. Since then, the fast food chain has earned a following of loyal coffee drinkers who enjoy their sweet coffee products at cheap prices and have found ways to optimize their experience with brilliant coffee ordering hacks.

For those with a major sweet tooth early in the morning, this Snickers iced coffee hack is the perfect beverage to start the day. According to TikTok, you start with an iced hazelnut coffee and add one pump each of chocolate and caramel syrup. You can then add chocolate and caramel drizzles to your drink, and whipped cream if you are craving extra creaminess. Whether or not it actually tastes like Snickers is still up for debate – some fans of the coffee hack swear that a sip of this tastes exactly like biting into the iconic candy bar, while others simply taste a sweet blend of mocha and caramel. Just like any coffee, your experience may vary depending on how precisely it's made, like how heavy-handed your server is with the caramel drizzle.

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Double Check That Your Local McDonald's Carries All The Ingredients

Caramel syrup poured on McCafe coffee
Caramel syrup poured on McCafe coffee - Bloomberg/Getty Images

According to social media, one of the best ways to order this complex coffee order is by utilizing the McDonald's app. Through the app or online, you can completely customize your coffee order and add the exact amount of extra flavor shots that your heart desires, without the stress of trying to communicate every small detail to the employee over the tiny speaker at the drive-thru. Or you can order in person, as TikToker @alexis.frost did, but prepare yourself for a long-winded request — we can't be the only ones who rehearse exactly what we are going to order before it's our turn to order.

Some commenters on TikTok shared that they have never seen hazelnut iced coffee on their local McDonald's menu, which can definitely put a damper on your Snickers coffee experience. Supplies vary depending on each McDonald's location, so make sure to check if any of the restaurants near you carries the hazelnut flavor before getting your hopes too high. Or, consider a makeshift hack if you are really craving a low-cost liquid Snickers bar. Ask to sub almond milk or oat milk instead of creamer, to enjoy that extra hint of nuttiness you get when you bite into a Snickers bar. If your McDonald's isn't serving hazelnut coffee or plant-based milks, you might want to try this coffee back at home or enjoy the extra chocolate and caramel flavored coffee without the nutty flavoring... maybe coin that hack as a "Milky Way" coffee!

Other McDonald's Coffee Hacks That Have Us Craving Caffeine

McCafe coffee
McCafe coffee - Bloomberg/Getty Images

Because of its large menu, McDonald's is full of menu hacks discovered by creative and hungry fans. One of the most creative that we have seen floating around TikTok is the coffee hack that involves an ice cream cone. This caffeinated ice cream concoction has customers dunking $1 vanilla cones into their ice coffees for an extra creamy beverage experience. You will have to order the ice cream cone and iced coffee separately to create a makeshift coffee ice cream float. This hack can get messy, so make sure to ask for extra napkins.

If you prefer the vanilla shakes over the ice cream cones, there's a McDonald's coffee hack made just for you. Thanks to McCafe's variety of menu options, you can add a shot of espresso into a vanilla milkshake to create a blend of sweet, caffeinated goodness. One TikToker, who we can assume is a McDonald's employee because of their direct access to the coffee and ice cream machines, posted themselves mixing espresso shots and a shake together for the ultimate ice cream and coffee hack. Keep in mind, not all workers may be willing to experiment with off-menu hacks. You may have to order a milkshake and a shot of espresso separately and combine them together yourself. And as always, if you are hoping to try these creamy McDonald's coffee hacks, be prepared to hear that the ice cream machine is broken.

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