The Hack That Turns Biscoff Spread Into A Glorious Ice Cream Topping

Containers of Lotus Biscoff spread
Containers of Lotus Biscoff spread - kemas yuli andrian/Shutterstock

If you've ever flown on a Delta flight, you're probably already familiar with Lotus Biscoff cookies. They're delicious, crunchy cookies that have a unique caramel flavor that goes well with coffee. Hence the name -- biscuits for coffee. Their buttery and slightly cinnamony flavor makes them perfect for a crisp autumn day. To the delight of the cookies' many fans, this nostalgic flavor comes in the form of Biscoff spread. Also called cookie butter, this product is similar to peanut butter in texture but contains no nuts or butter. It really is just cookies. And this spread can be transformed into the perfect topping for your bowl of ice cream.

Oil is the secret ingredient needed to turn your Biscoff spread into a magic shell topping that hardens on your ice cream. To create the topping, combine one tablespoon of oil — coconut oil is recommended, but vegetable oil will work as well — with half a cup of Biscoff spread in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave in bursts of thirty seconds mixing in between. The final step is pouring it over your favorite flavor of ice cream and watching it harden into a cookie-butter-flavored shell. It's hard to imagine an ice cream flavor this sauce wouldn't taste good with, but why not try it with coffee ice cream in a nod to its origin story?

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What Else Can We Do With Biscoff Spread?

Biscoff cookies on a plate
Biscoff cookies on a plate - Imladris/Shutterstock

The cookie butter magic shell topping is perfect for customization: The possibilities are endless. For a twist, try combining Biscoff, Nutella, and coconut oil to create a magic shell sauce that incorporates the flavors of both iconic spreads. Another way to level up your Biscoff magic shell would be by adding extracts, essences, or spices. Add a few drops of vanilla or almond extract for more depth of flavor. If you're feeling autumnal, sprinkle in some pumpkin spice to complement the cinnamon in the cookies.

If you're looking to keep the Biscoff closer to its original form, you can create an ice cream topping by adding cream or sweetened condensed milk to your cookie butter. This topping has more of a caramel-sauce consistency.  If you're looking to get that crunch factor you can sprinkle crushed Biscoff cookies or toasted almonds on top of your sundae. The sauce is also perfect to drizzle on cheesecakes, coffee cakes, or even pancakes and waffles.

Biscoff spread and cookies (sometimes called Speculoos cookies depending on their country of origin) are available at retailers like Walmart and Target. Trader Joe's also sells their own version of cookie butter that works just as well to make a magic shell, and they even sell a cookie butter ice cream, in case you want to double down on the flavor.

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