Halo newcomer Joseph Morgan played one of the best games in the series to prepare for season 2

 Joseph Morgan in Halo season 2.
Joseph Morgan in Halo season 2.

Joseph Morgan, who joins the UNSC’s ranks as Doctor Halsey’s replacement James Ackerson in Halo season 2, has revealed his love for the games – and the title he played to prepare for his role.

"I played the games, man. When [2001’s] Halo came out, it was a phenomenon. I played co-op with my best mate [Constantine actor Matt Ryan]. We played Halo 2, I played Halo 3 and Halo 4 as well," Morgan tells GamesRadar+.

Morgan also dived into Halo: Reach, an especially eyebrow-raising choice given that Halo season 2 is seemingly set to revolve around the planet of Reach – and its tragic fate.

"I played Halo: Reach right before I shot the season just to get my head back into that world. I dipped into the graphic novels as well," Morgan revealed.

"I think Halo 3 [is my favorite] but I played those games so long ago. I really loved Reach recently and seeing how it ended… I felt like it had the added sense of nostalgia of coming back to that world."

As for what he’s currently playing? Morgan – who counts Skyrim as his favorite game of all time – has made the leap from Reach to Night City for his current exploits on console.

"Right now I’m deep into Cyberpunk 2077. I’m so absorbed by that whole thing. I never played it before the new update came out, so I’m just like, ‘This game functions amazingly!'"

Halo season 2 premieres on Paramount Plus on February 8. For more, check out the Halo season 2 release schedule and our interview with Morgan, showrunner David Wiener, and producer Kiki Wolfkill on a "different" second season.