Hansen confirms Toyota Verblitz move

Steve Hansen has accepted a mentoring, consulting and advising role at Toyota Verblitz.
Steve Hansen has accepted a mentoring, consulting and advising role at Toyota Verblitz.

Outgoing All Blacks coach Steve Hansen confirmed he had accepted a role with Japanese side Toyota Verblitz.

Hansen, 60, announced late last year he would step down as All Blacks boss after the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

In their bid for a third straight World Cup success, New Zealand claimed third place at the tournament in Japan.

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Hansen has now accepted a consulting and mentoring job with Top League team Toyota Verblitz.

"I have a new job, which involves me mentoring and consulting and advising at Toyota Verblitz in Japan," he told All Blacks TV on Monday.

"The reason I couldn't say before was because there wasn't a contract signed, but since the World Cup we've signed one.

"It's an interesting role. It's not one as head coach, it's more as an adviser, mentor and requires me to be up there somewhere between five to 17 weeks a year and the key thing is obviously to go in and work with the people who are in the environment."

Hansen, who led the All Blacks to success at the 2015 Rugby World Cup, said he was looking forward to mentoring Verblitz head coach Simon Cron.

"Head coach is Simon Cron, who I know well and have a lot of time for, I think he's going to be a very good coach and having the opportunity to help him grow is something that really excites me," he said.

"Whilst we're obviously wanting a winning Toyota Verblitz team, we also want an environment at the club that people can be proud of, that is very much like a family, all the things really that we've had in the All Blacks because I see that as what's normal in any rugby team so if I can help in any way in trying to create that then that'll be important too.

"So, whilst it's not a full-time coaching role, it is a role that allows me to stay in the game, it's also a role that allows me to have the family time that I want to have and I'm really looking forward to it and excited by it."

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