Happy Mondays star says Barrowlands gig led to Glasgow 'love affair'

Images of Bez Barry <i>(Image: Images of Bez Barry)</i>
Images of Bez Barry (Image: Images of Bez Barry)

A 90s music legend has revealed that a gig in the Barrowlands led to his 'love affair' with Glasgow.

Mark "Bez" Berry, known for his moves and maracas in Happy Mondays, hailed the city as he sat down with the Glasgow Times.

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Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

He said: “I love coming to Glasgow. I always get such a great reception from Glaswegians.

“It’s a great city, and I love Scotland in general, it’s a beautiful country.

“One of my favourite memories of the city is from the first time we ever played in Glasgow.

“We were supporting New Order at the Barrowlands and we just couldn’t believe the reception we got, it was incredible.

"We were just the support act and the crowd there were unbelievable for us.

“That’s where our love affair for Glasgow and Scotland began."

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

The 59-year-old will be heading to the city's East End next week for his upcoming event, Bez 'In Conversation': The Nine Lives of a Happy Monday.

The talk, which will take place on Thursday, September 28 at Saint Luke's, will see Bez discuss his latest book, 'Buzzin': Nine Lives of a Happy Monday'.

Speaking about the memoir, which was released last November, the Manchester man said: "It starts from the beginning and goes into some of the rock and roll antics of the Happy Mondays and the things we got up to as a band.

"As I always say, it’s a bloody load of rubbish, don’t buy it, but it’s gone alright so far."

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

For Bez, the best part about the book's release is the upcoming 'evenings with' events, which he will be taking across the UK.

He explained: "I've enjoyed doing these ‘evenings with’ events and talking about the book as well as telling stories.

“My memory has even gotten better since doing the events because I’ve started to remember more things that I had since forgotten about.

“So, now I’m able to embellish them.

"I think I might be able to tell a better story on stage than I did in the book, to be honest.

"The host of the evening will guide it along a different way each night, so I never know myself where it's going to go.

“The last half an hour will be a Q and A with the audience, where I'll answer whatever questions people want to know.

“One of the funniest experiences with the Q and A I’ve had so far was when someone in the audience asked me 'what was the most rock and roll thing you destroyed while on stage with Happy Mondays' and I said what I don't think anyone was expecting which was, my mind.”

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

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As the 'social member' of Happy Mondays and Black Grape, Bez can't wait for people to come along, especially if there are pints involved.

He added: “I’ve always had an interaction everywhere I go with the fans.

"I mean, put a pint in my hand and the chances are I’ll talk rubbish and I’m pretty good at that.

“I have plenty of stories to tell and hopefully people that come along to these evenings will enjoy hearing them.

“As long as everyone can understand me, I’ll be alright.”

Tickets for Bez: 'In Conversation' are on sale now.

They can be purchased HERE