Happy Valley finale: here's why subplot was resolved off-screen

Happy Valley fans were left somewhat divided by the season finale on Sunday night. While some viewers called the show "faultless" while praising the final showdown between Catherine and Tommy taking precedence, others were disappointed that the main subplot of season three - Faisal’s murder of Joanna and her abusive husband Rob Hepworth taking the wrap for it - was concluded off-screen.

However, a fan has pointed out why the show might have concluded in such a way, writing: "I love that the evil men’s fates didn’t even need to be shown. Darius? Busted off-screen. Faisal? Arrested off-screen. That Hepworth prick? Charged off-screen. And Tommy Lee Royce? Tried to die on-screen but ultimately bumped off via text. Glorious."

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They added: "Why? Because all of those scenes would have paled in comparison to what we really wanted/needed; which was that gorgeous cuddle between Catherine and Clare. No notes!"


The revelation of Faisel's involvement in Joanna's death wasn't shown onscreen

Another person replied: "I was clock watching at 10.05 thinking how are they going to nail the chemist guy with only five minutes left?! Then came her ‘btw I also managed to crack the murder case for you’ line. Total mic drop. What a show," while a third added: "This was the women’s story all the way through; the men just thought it was about them."

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Others were quick to discuss how the conclusion was a resolution of a major theme going through all three seasons - how Catherine is terrified that Ryan will end up like his father. One fan wrote: "In the end, the #HappyValley finale was less about TLR and Catherine having one last scrap but more about Catherine getting closure on her fears around Ryan which have driven the last 3 series. That, my friends, is a bonafide masterpiece." Do you agree?

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