Haug: Nurburgring will survive

Norbert Haug is confident that the Nurburgring has sound future as a motorsport facility despite its current financial and political problems.


Questions have been raised about the Nurburgring's ability to continue to operate in the long-term amid serious financial losses following an attempt to expand it into a non-motorsport attraction, but the Mercedes-Benz motorsport boss is certain that the problems can be overcome.

"The hiring of the track and so on is very successful," said Haug. "I think that should continue and there will be solutions in place.

"DTM will take place in August so the circuit will continue. This does not mean that there will be no racing. It is obviously a concern, but to my knowledge the normal business goes on.

"It's a shame, what is happening, because the region there is really dependent on motorsport.

"The basic idea was a good one. The plan was to create some attractions and obviously it did not work according to plan. The plan was supposed to be a positive one but not enough people outside motorsport came."

Haug is unsure as to what effect the Nurburgring's plight could have on the future of the German Grand Prix, but is confident that the event will continue.

Currently, the race alternates between Hockenheim and the Nurburgring, with neither track able to hold the race every year. With Hockenheim very unlikely to take over the race full-time, it could lead to the race being held in alternate years, possibly sharing a slot with the Belgian Grand Prix, which might also have to switch to running biennially.

"It's too early to say," said Haug of what Nurburgring's problems mean for Mercedes's home grand prix. "The news only came on Wednesday. We will see what the next steps will be.

"Germany is still very interested in motorsport in general and F1. It's still huge and I'm sure that a solution can be found."

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