Hawes & Curtis launches loungewear collection, but boss Touker Suleyman predicts formalwear demand will return

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Hawes & Curtis has launched a loungewear collection (Hawes & Curtis)
Hawes & Curtis has launched a loungewear collection (Hawes & Curtis)

Hawes & Curtis is to launch its first ever loungewear collection, but the retailer’s boss Touker Suleyman has predicted formal shirts will make a comeback.

The shirtmaker which was founded in 1913 and is led by Dragons’ Den star Suleyman, said it is “expanding its product offering by adapting its styling requirements to reflect the changing needs of its customers”.

Since the first lockdown started last year, scores of people have worked from home, denting demand for formal office clothes.

The new range which Hawes & Curtis will also offer customers, includes hooded sweatshirts and t-shirts.

The business has had to temporarily shut stores for lockdowns at various points since last March, but it has been operating online.

Suleyman said: “We’ve listened to our customers and Hawes & Curtis has reacted very quickly to launch our new loungewear and casualwear which we believe will be a great addition to our product offering.”

The entrepreneur added: “As far as formal shirts in 2021, I’m very confident that post-Covid most people will be looking at their wardrobes and deciding their clothes don’t fit anymore and they’ll want to refresh their look. Everyone will be fed up with being in a tracksuit and I believe formal shirts will make a comeback.”

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