Haye and Chisora to fight at Upton Park


At the official fight announcement Haye immediately began the pre-bout verbal sparring by claiming that he would inflict "a nice, slow, concussive beating" on his opponent.

"I am so glad he has got a good chin because if he didn't have a good chin, he would be blasted out in the first round. I tried to knock him out in Munich and this is the opportunity to shut him up," he added, referring to their ugly brawl at the press conference following Chisora's defeat to Vitali Klitschko in Februray.

Chisora claimed that he would get the better of Haye this time after coming off worse in their now infamous brawl.

"That was a lucky shot he hit me with in Munich. David: you are winning 1-0 but come July I am coming to whoop your ass," he said. "Your talk is cheap. You always talk but you don't deliver in the ring."

The fight is going ahead despite the fact that neither boxer currently holds a British boxing licence: Chisora was stripped of his after Munich, while Haye had announced his retirement after defeat to Wladimir Klitschko last summer and relinquished his licence accordingly.

Promoter Frank Warren has bypassed the British Boxing Board of Control, however, and the fight in London will be sanctioned by the Luxembourg Boxing Federation.

“Before anyone starts screaming," Warren told The Sun, "let me point out the Luxembourg boxing association was formed in 1922, seven years before the British Board.

“They have given their approval for the bout and it will go on at Upton Park under their jurisdiction.

“As fully fledged members of the European Boxing Union, that is what they are entitled to do."

Warning - video contains some swearing

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