Heart disease now top cause of death in women worldwide

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Experts are calling for urgent action to tackle cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death among women across the world.

Conditions affecting the heart or blood vessels – such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke – are responsible for 35 per cent of deaths among women globally each year.

A report published in The Lancet journal that’s led by the Mount Sinai Medical Centre says women are under-represented in clinical trials and action is needed urgently to tackle inequalities in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

In space news: China now joins the US on Mars after successfully landing their own spacecraft, the Zhurong rover. The country’s state media announced on Saturday.

And, SpaceX plans to launch a prototype Starship vehicle from its base near Boca Chica, Texas, and do a nearly round-the-world uncrewed flight that will splash down off the coast of Hawaii.

Bitcoin dropped to a three-month low on Monday as investors sold cryptocurrencies in the wake of Tesla boss Elon Musk’s hinting over the weekend that the carmaker is considering or may have already sold some of its bitcoin holdings.

Bitcoin fell more than nine per cent to lows of just over $42,000, its lowest since February.

Greenpeace are calling on the government to take action as they claim our plastics are still being dumped in other countries – following more debris found in Turkey. American telecoms giant AT&T is nearing a deal to combine its media assets, and, how sharks use the Earth’s magnetic field to travel long distances.

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