Helen Mirren reveals Vin Diesel 'introduced' her to Instagram

Helen Mirren has recalled how Vin Diesel convinced her to join Instagram.

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight recently, the British actress revealed that it was her Fast X co-star who insisted she needed to be on the social media platform.

"It was Vin and his team who sort of first introduced me to Instagram," she recounted of signing up in December 2016. "That was, like, I don't know how many years ago - seven years ago? - but it was a world I wasn't really aware of and they went, 'Oh, no, Helen, you've gotta do this.'"

Helen has garnered over one million followers on the platform. However, the 77-year-old joked that she is "not very good" at social media.

Elsewhere in the interview, the film icon shared the aspect of the Fast and Furious franchise, in which she plays Queenie, that she has most admired.

"We've watched the development of digital effect, haven't we, since the first Fast film, the beautiful simplicity of that," she said. "What is visually possible is so extraordinary. I have to say, all kudos to the stunt people because those stunt men and women are fantastic."

Fast X, also featuring Michelle Rodriguez and Jason Statham, is set to hit U.S. cinemas on 19 May.