Hello, Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend Is Here

Your Sex Horoscope for the WeekendHearst Owned

What’s happening: Mercury and Neptune link up tonight, creating a dreamy vibe that’s perfect for romance and lovin’ up on your boo. Mercury flies into social Aquarius on Monday, so if you’re single, plenty of new connections are coming your way! But Mercury also forms a conjunction with Pluto on Monday, bringing important conversations, big feelings, and intense connections.

Venus harmonizes with Uranus on Wednesday, encouraging you to experiment in your love life, while Mars links up with Neptune, making sex more sensual, intimate, and emotional. On Thursday, the Sun squares off with Uranus, meaning that big surprises (and not necessarily nice ones) are coming your way. Expect the unexpected!

What that means for *you*:


If you're single or polyamorous, there's potential for a new relationship this week! Mercury in Aquarius makes it easier than ever to form new connections, and you’re feeling some intense chemistry with someone on Monday. Whether you’re looking for a potential partner or a fresh FWB, you’re able to scope out just how nicely you and the other person would fit together. Wednesday’s astro wants you to shoot your shot and tell them what’s up. And no matter your relationship status, Uranus’ influence means Thursday is a great time to try something (or someone) new in bed!


Romance is in the air tonight, so this is a great time to buy your special someone flowers, take ‘em somewhere nice, and have a great time. Uranus, the planet of surprises, is in your sign, and on Wednesday, it links up with lovey Venus. This astro is telling you to shake things up and make your love life fun! No matter how weird or kinky it is, tell your partner what you’re looking for in bed. Then, give it a shot! Getting out of your comfort zone can be tough, but I promise it’ll be a ~titillating~ time!


Emotions are running HIGH this week, Gemini! This is good for connecting with your partner and having meaningful conversations, so all is well on the romance front. Sex also becomes more romantic now, and you’re feeling more entwined and intimate with your boo. The problem is that if you’re single, hookups are so not the move right now, unless you want to catch major feelings for your fling. Take things slow and avoid rushing into anything new. You don’t want to have any regrets once your head clears and all of the ~feelings~ are gone next week.


Finding your next potential paramour is a breeze this weekend, thanks to Mercury in your chart’s relationships zone linking up with dreamy Neptune. It's likely things will go like this: You find a new crush, you get their number and start talking and then… you can’t keep it casual. You really like them. A lot. This is good, though! Wednesday’s astro is great for starting new relationships, and if you’re already coupled up, this astro is making you fall even more in love with your boo. As a bonus, this week's Mars/Neptune sextile makes sex become a more intense, intimate, and sensual experience. Enjoy!


Your big focus this week is your S.O./situationship/crush. Everything’s about them, and you’re having to put your own shit aside right now. A major conversation is happening on Monday, when Mercury bumps into Pluto, the planet of transformation. Think about the status of your love life—is all going well? If so, your relationship can undergo a major glow up. If things are in dire straights, well… this week could end with a breakup. If there’s no drama in your love life (or nothing happening at all), keep your eyes peeled on Wednesday. That cute coworker who keeps eyeing you up could be a potential love connection.


Aquarius season usually makes your life all work, no play, but the stars are giving you plenty of time to fool around this week! Friday’s astro is great for all forms of romance, so get out there! Wednesday’s astro is alsogreat for all Virgos, single or not—Venus and Uranus are encouraging you to show more affection, so it's easy to say the “L” word for the first time or just ask a hottie out on a date. Then, Mars and Neptune are helping to make life in the bedroom more exciting. Even the most basic, vanilla, missionary-position sex is unforgettable. Have fun!


There are two parts of you that are at odds with each other right now, and this astro-weather is supporting both. Aquarius season makes it easier (and more fun) to hook up, flirt, and fool around, but Venus in Capricorn wants stability. So—do you want to have a lot of fun this week, or are you ready to settle down and get real about love? There’s no right answer, and this week’s astro encourages you, no matter what you choose. But you have to choose. You can have fun with all the hotties on your roster, or you can pick one and pursue something with them. Anything else means that you’re just playing games and wasting time. Choose!


Flirt! Have fun! Fool around! Aquarius season usually makes you a total homebody, but you’re feeling uncharacteristically extroverted this week. I suggest going out! All of the Capricorn energy in the stars right now is drawing new connections closer to you, and you’re able to open up much more easily. Your love life is getting some (good!) surprises on Wednesday, thanks to Uranus’ influence. Don’t be surprised if your boo surprises you with a gift, you try something new (and mind-blowing) in bed, or you bump into someone who you instantly find attractive. Timing is everything, so don’t rush—this is a time to take things slow, be casual, and enjoy yourself.


Things are moving very slowly in your love life this week. If you’re single, this is a great time to start swiping right. You’re not guaranteed to catch any first dates or hookups quite yet, but you’re still flirting with plenty of matches. The Moon enters your sign at the beginning of the week, which is great for opening up and finding a little more romance, too. Venus harmonizes with Uranus on Wednesday, suggesting a little surprise in your love life—a quickie with a hookup, or maybe your boo surprising you with a fun toy or some hot lingerie. Other than that? Sorry hunny, there’s just not a ton happening.


You are an expert pickup artist with this weekend’s astro! Mercury in your sign helps you find the perfect words to say, while Neptune’s influence makes you more intuitive and open. You’re able to walk into a room, find a real hottie, and woo the pants off of them in the blink of an eye. If you get anyone’s number, try to meet up with them on Wednesday, when the love planets, Venus and Mars, are lighting up your chart. Your sex drive is high, your stamina is unmatched, and your heart is full of passion, so you’re definitely going to have a great time with them whether it’s a fling or a first date!


HBD, Aquarius! Mercury joins the party in your sign on Monday, allowing you to speak clearly and make new connections easily. If you’re single, there’s plenty of mingling about to happen! Unfortunately, Venus is still floating around your 12th House, meaning that you’re more likely to bump into exes than new love connections. If a blast from the past keeps distracting you from the present, it’s because there’s unfinished business with them. You might need to take some time away from the dating apps/bars/your FWB’s house while you focusing on squashing the beef with your ex.


All of the Aquarius astro-weather has you in your feelings. You're moping about the past, and you might even be dealing with an ex (or someone who really reminds you of your ex). But there’s still some good happening! Wednesday’s astro attracts new connections to you, so if you’re single, you’re having fun flirting and fooling around. Mars linking up with Neptune in your sign is great for your love life, too. You’re able to attract people by projecting the best version of yourself. Now, I’m not saying you need to try to be someone you think others want you to be—no, now’s the time to be genuine. Express yourself shamelessly! If you’re interested in someone or something, say so, and you can’t go wrong this week.

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