We’re helping put on the Virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans race in June

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24 Hours Of Le Mans Virtual
24 Hours Of Le Mans Virtual

Up to fifty cars will battle it out online.

Racing fans haven’t had much real racing to look forward to over the last couple of months. The coronavirus pandemic has forced many sanctioning bodies to press pause, with major motoring events, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans, postponed or cancelled. Le Mans will happen in September. Well, the real-world race, anyway. Virtual racing has filled the void for many, and it will do so again next month when Motorsport Games, part of Motorsport Network along with Motor1.com, will present a virtual running of the race. Yes, all 24 hours of it. Talk about a long-haul gaming session.

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The virtual Le Mans will take place during the real race’s original dates, Saturday, June 13, and Sunday, June 14, in the rFactor2 racing sim, with the French flag flying at 13:00 GMT (9 AM EDT). Or whichever flag the game will use. The chequered will fall 24 hours later. The start grid is limited to just 50, four-member cars, with teams needing at least two professional drivers, and a max of two esport/simulation drivers. Drivers must race for at least four hours, but they can’t spend more than seven in total behind the wheel.

The coronavirus comes for the car industry:

The race will include the full simulation, which means there’ll be driver changes, dynamic weather, day-and-night transitions, multiclass racing, pitstops, and more. The sim provides for the use of fuel and tyres, and teams will work to create their own optimised racing setups for their vehicle. The game will also simulate damage that can affect the car’s performance, though teams can repair the damage during a pitstop.

Motorsport Games, along with the ACO and FIA WEC, are going all out in presenting an authentic Le Mans production that includes race and pit commentators live from a TV studio. There’ll be VIP guests, and reporters will be able to have two-way communication with the drivers all over the world with the race directors officiating as if it were the real thing. While the coronavirus pandemic has dampened the start of the 2020 racing season, we’d be remiss to say we weren’t a tad excited at the thought of two 24 Hour of Le Mans races in one year, though.

Source: Motorsport Games

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