Henry Cavill-led Argylle sequel gets an update from director Matthew Vaughn


Matthew Vaughn’s new spy caper Argylle introduces Henry Cavill as a superspy, the lead of a series of novels written by a reclusive novelist called Elly Conway. However, it seems like there might be plans for Cavill to take the lead role in a future film.

Vaughn confirmed that there were two sequels on the cards for his latest action movie to Total Film earlier this year. The first is to follow how Argylle becomes a spy, while the second would star Cavill in what Vaughn calls "a proper Argylle movie". In the same feature, Cavill added that he was keen too – but how far along in the process are these movies?

Speaking to the Inside Total Film podcast and GamesRadar+, we asked Vaughn if they’re currently in production. "Well, you know, don't count your chickens before the eggs blah, blah, blah," he tells us. "I touch wood when I say this – there’s a universe that we could be doing in this film but people have to like the first one.

"This has been a very enjoyable experience and one that I'd love to continue playing in, and I know the actors would love to continue. So that is up to the public, if they give us a thumbs up, we will give them another one. If they give us a thumbs down, we will just, you know, imagine what it would have been like."

Vaughn has got a busy few years ahead of him though, with plans for a Kick-Ass reboot, a musical, and Kingsman 3 all also in the cards. "We're going to be busy but we've been polishing our weapons we're now ready to start firing," he tells us.

Alongside Cavill, Argylle features a star-studded cast including Bryce Dallas Howard as Elly, Sam Rockwell as special agent Aiden Wilde, and Dua Lipa. The film is out in UK cinemas now, and in US theaters from February 2.

For our full chat with Vaughn, listen to the Inside Total Film podcast, out today. We also speak about the film’s PG-13 rating and why Cavill makes the perfect Bond.