'What the … was that?' - Henry talks through iconic Arsenal wondergoal against Man Utd


France legend Thierry Henry had admitted that his Arsenal team-mates used to make fun of him for trying out new skills and techniques in training, but that he was ultimately vindicated after scoring one of the Premier League's most famous goals against Manchester United in October 2000.

Henry, widely regarded as one of the best strikers ever to grace England's top tier, remains the Gunners' top scorer with 228 goals in all competitions and played a key role in Arsenal's 'Invincibles' season in which the club went unbeaten.

Renowned for his skill, pace and trickery, the World Cup winner scored many a memorable goal in the north London red, and stated that it was confidence rather than arrogance that led to one of the most iconic strikes in English football.

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“It's kind of weird because I used to try stuff and when it wasn't working [people] used to... look, I can't say it because it's swearing, but they used to say, 'What the … was that?'. They used to joke like 'What are you trying to do?',” Henry told Sky Sports .

“But that was me, I always used to try stuff. People called me cocky at times, people called me arrogant – I was confident. I knew I could score goals. I used to do more difficult stuff than that in training to make sure I could do it in the game.

“But to go back to the goal, it's so weird because I was behind Dennis Irwin and that's something that always used to work – I always used to put myself in the offside position because it's the most difficult thing for the defender.

“He didn't know if I was going to come from the right or the left and by the time he sees me it's too late.

“I felt like chipping it and volleying the ball, but the most difficult skill in that goal is when I flicked it, the ball went a bit away, right? And so if I smashed it, it would have gone all the way onto the road.

“I knew I just had to cushion it a bit and make sure it was going to float over and the ball went in.”

He added: “I would try some stuff where you would look at it and say to me, 'What was that?' - and that's the beauty of the game, you have to try stuff, you have to entertain people. Luckily enough, the ball went in, it was against Man Utd...

“I say all the time, I've scored more difficult goals than that, but they were not against Man Utd.”

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