Here's the cast of Netflix's 'Bodies' and who they're playing in the show

left to right: kyle soller, jacob fortune-lloyd, amaka okafor, and shira haas in bodies, wearing a variety of clothing styles ranging from 1890, 1941, 2023, and futuritic 2053
Kyle Soller, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, Amaka Okafor, and Shira Haas in "Bodies."Matt Towers/Netflix
  • "Bodies" is a Netflix mystery drama about the same body appearing in multiple timelines.

  • It was created by Paul Tomalin and is based on Si Spencer's graphic novel of the same name.

  • Here's the show's main cast and who they play.

Netflix's "Bodies" kicks off with, well, a body.

In fact, several iterations of it: the same body appears in four different time periods — 1890, 1941, 2023, and 2053 — and four detectives attempt to solve the case in their respective eras. However, it quickly becomes clear that the mystery extends further than each of them thought.

Series creator Paul Tomalin described the show, which is based on the graphic novel of the same name by Si Spencer, as "mind-snapping" and genre-bending. Currently, all eight episodes are available to watch on Netflix.

Here's the main cast of "Bodies," and who they each play in the series.

Jacob Fortune-Lloyd plays DS Whiteman

left: jacob fortune-lloyd in a white shirt and black blazer, smiling slighlty; right: jacob fortune-lloyd as ds whiteman in bodies looking pensive
Jacob Fortune-Lloyd is DS Whiteman in "Bodies."Karwai Tang/WireImage; Matt Towers/Netflix

Whiteman is a detective sergeant in 1941 London.

Shira Haas plays DC Maplewood

left: shira haas in a black down with hair styled slicked back, with large silver earrings; right: haas as dc maplewood with bangs and a large coat in bodies
Shira Hass is DC Maplewood in "Bodies."John Shearer/Getty Images; Matt Towers/Netflix

Maplewood is a detective constable who lives in 2053 London.

Amaka Okafor plays DS Hasan

left: amaka okafor with her hair styled natural and to the side of her head, in a black and white dress; right: okafor as ds hasan in bodies, in tactical gear and looking serious
Amaka Okafor is DS Hasan in "Bodies."Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images; Matt Towers/Netflix

Hasan is a detective sergeant in 2023 London.

Kyle Soller plays DI Hillinghead

left: kyle soller with a beard, navy suit, and curly hair on a red carpet; right: soller in late 1800s clothes including a hat and coat
Kyle Soller is DI Hillinghead in "Bodies."Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney; Matt Towers/Netflix

Hillinghead is a detective inspector in 1890 London.

Tom Mothersdale plays Professor Gabriel Defoe

left: tom mothersdale mostly clean shaven and with his hair styled touseled; right: mothersdale as gabriel defoe in bodies, peering through a gap with glasses and a serious expression
Tom Mothersdale is Gabriel Defoe in "Bodies."David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images; Matt Towers/Netflix

Defoe is an expert in time travel.

Michael Jibson plays DCI Jack Barber

left: michael jibson in a light blue shirt and dark blue jacket, smiling; right: michael jibson as dci jack barber, in a police uniform, in bodies
Michael Jibson is DCI Jack Barber in "Bodies."David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Apple; Matt Towers/Netflix

Barber is a detective chief inspector in 2023 London.

Stephen Graham plays Elias Mannix

left: stephen graham smiling on a red carpet in a blue suit; right: graham as elias mannix in a black suit looking serious in bodies
Stephen Graham is Elias Mannix in "Bodies."Dave J Hogan/Getty Images; Netflix

Mannix is the founder of a group known as The Executive.

Derek Riddell plays Chief Inspector Calloway

left: derek riddell smling widely in a white shirt and black blazer on a red carpet; right: riddell as chief inspector calloway, a man in a striped hisrt and tie and vest in bodies
Derek Riddell is Chief Inspector Calloway in "Bodies."Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images; Matt Towers/Netflix

Calloway is in the 1941 London timeline.

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