Here's How to Correctly Pronounce Kevin De Bruyne's Surname

Ollie Knight

For months, football fans across the country have been boggled at just how to pronounce Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne's surname. 

​Now, all of your minds can be put at rest as the man himself has revealed the correct pronunciation in an exclusive video on ​Man City's YouTube channel.

​​It's a difficult one, as in the English language we aren't familiar with the letters U, Y and N in the middle of a word or name, but phonetically it sounds a bit like 'Kevin De Br-ou-neh'. 

So there you have it footballing fans and commentators around the world, finally confirmation on how to pronounce the Belgian internationals surname. We can all sleep well tonight after that.

On the pitch, De Bruyne has enjoyed a prolific season at Manchester City, scoring 15 goals in 34 appearances from midfield.

Newcastle United v Manchester City - Premier League
Newcastle United v Manchester City - Premier League

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