Here's a farm life game but it's about a sect of Chinese fantasy martial artists

 Immortal Life.
Immortal Life.

Farming game Immortal Life has just released from Early Access after a few years in development, bringing a unique spin to the genre of Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and Stardew Valley. YiFeng Studio's fam life game is based on a sect of martial artists who, finding their home school devastated, resolve to rebuild the misty valley into a place of learning and beauty.

It's heavily based in the Chinese fantasy aesthetics of wuxia fiction and the idea of "cultivation," or improving one's powers and spirit in order to achieve martial arts mastery and immortality.

To that end you use your powers to become and ever-more-potent farmer, deploying magic to plant seeds, water then, and harvest with enchanted tools. You also fish, cook, and craft to cultivate your soul. You also make better friends with your brothers and sisters within the martial sect, and helping them with their own problems lets you unlock new items and skills.

Finally, it wouldn't be a martial arts game without battles, and Immortal Life has you delve into the spirit world to fight mythical creatures. The Mystic Realms, as they're called, range from underwater expanses to tundra and deserts, and each one has you learn how to use your mystical skills to battle new enemies and get new rewards.

Though the 1.0 version release marks the completion of the story, developers YiFeng studio still have update plans at least through March: Updates will bring at least five new festivals to Immortal Life, as well as new mystical realms to explore, a new boss to fight, and an updated version of the current pet system.

You can find Immortal Life on Steam for US $17. It has a 20% off launch discount until January 31, 2024.s