Here's What the Hindu Celebration Holi Means for You, According to Your Vedic Zodiac Sign

Holi is 'intricately connected to celestial events and rooted in Hindu mythology' says Vedic astrologer Sophie Won, who reveals her predictions for each zodiac

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Holi Zodiac

Holi is a significant Hindu festival that falls on March 25 this year.

Similar to the Spring Equinox, the celebration — which originated in India, though is predominantly celebrated in South Asia — marks the official seasonal transition from winter to spring, signifying the triumph of good over evil.

Holi is "intricately connected to celestial events and rooted in Hindu mythology," Vedic astrologer Sophie Won tells PEOPLE exclusively, explaining that it "revolves around deities embodying various energy forms and life concepts."

In comparison to Western astrology — which is largely based on Greek astronomy and aligns with the Gregorian calendar — Vedic astrology draws heavily from the Vedas, the ancient Indian scriptures that offer insights and guidance on life philosophies and are foundational to Hinduism.

Hinduism draws from the Vedas, too, which is why Won — who's appeared on Netflix's Indian Matchmaking and is also co-founder of Reha App — says this makes them "closely intertwined with major astrological events, often coinciding with significant Hindu holidays."

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For Holi specifically, the celebration takes place the same day the first full moon rises in spring. The festival is considered a "significantly auspicious celebration of the awakening of nature after the cold Winter months," says Won. "It represents a refreshed renewal of growth, happiness, joy, and it is the ultimate new fresh start."

Another major difference between Western and Vedic astrology is time, which explains why your zodiac sign may shift (for example, you might be a Cancer in Western astrology, but a Gemini in Vedic astrology). "Time is measured by the rotation of the Earth," says Won. "One day is approximately 23 hours and 56 minutes," in comparison to Western astrology's day marked by a 24-hour rotation.

Many turn to Vedic astrology to understand karma and reincarnation, which Won explains "is a Hindu belief that our souls are reborn in each life." With Holi being on the full moon lunar eclipse, she says it marks "a significant time where destiny and fate align us on crucial pathways."

Read on for what Holi 2024 could mean for you and your Vedic zodiac sign, according to Sophie Won's readings!

Aries/Mesha: (April 14 - May 14)

Getty Aries/Mesha
Getty Aries/Mesha

With the change of seasons, Won predicts "emotional discord may arise within you" as the full moon aspects your Sun. "This occurrence aims to help you harmonize and balance your ego and goals," she explains.

Take the necessary time to prioritize yourself and question whether your "goals or possessions" are truly what you "need and desire." If they're not, Won says "to release it."

Won says to also expect "significant shifts and changes, particularly in your areas of knowledge and wisdom" around this time. As for love and relationships, she says "some frustrations" may present themselves, but to understand that this phase of life is "meant to teach you patience."

Keep that same mindset when it comes to your financial matters. Don't become "overly fixated," advises Won, adding, "Your luck and good fortune are turning." Be sure, though, to "clear out old habits and negative thoughts."

It's important to remind yourself that "change is challenges," says Won. "But the rewards on the other side of uncertainty are worthwhile!"

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Taurus/Vrishabha: (May 15 - June 14)

Getty Taurus/Vrishabha
Getty Taurus/Vrishabha

Won predicts March's full moon is intended "to harmonize and facilitate a smooth flow of opportunities between your feelings and desires." She says "you find yourself in favorable circumstances that align your inner and outer worlds."

Prepare to experience "significant shifts and changes" in the areas of love, relationships and financial matters, says Won. She explains the "tension" you might've sensed building up this month will soon reach a "culmination point where the outcome manifests."

"Trust that whatever this outcome may be, it is ultimately for the greater good and lays the foundation for future endeavors," says Won. "Trust your intuition." She adds, "The commitments you make now play a significant role in the transformation and healing needed within your deep psyche."

Gemini/Mithuna: June 15 - July 15

Getty Gemini/Mithuna
Getty Gemini/Mithuna

Life is about to heat up! Won predicts March's full moon will allow you to experience "the culmination of all the events" that have been brewing throughout the month. Your sign's alignment with the sun signals some of "the most significant changes and shifts yet," she says.

If the desires of your soul and mind "find themselves at a crossroads," Won puts forth that "clarity awaits" as a result of the moon's lunation. "Be mindful not to let your ego and hyper-rational logic override what you intuitively know to be right for you," she stresses.

Won says the areas of love and finances are "currently blessed with divine support" and "opportunities abound." It's important to take these matters seriously, she says, as "making a serious commitment" can "lay the groundwork for your success."

Don't become "too entangled in your own ego and pride," however. Won says if you've been working "steadily and diligently" so far, your efforts are "primed" to pay off.

Above all, Won emphasizes you "remain grounded to avoid overthinking, excessive worrying, or becoming lost in your own thoughts."

Cancer/Karka: (July 16 - Aug. 16)

Getty Cancer/Karka
Getty Cancer/Karka

This full moon is designed to "emphasize emotional balance," says Won, particularly in areas of life related to self-expression, belief systems, faith and knowledge. She predicts "the most significant shifts and changes" could manifest in education, career, work or "any area where you invest significant mental energy."

If you've considered making a decision in fear of stirring up conflict, Won says this full moon "supports you in embracing what you truly desire without apology." She does mention, however, that these decisions may "cause frustration in your relationships."

Fortunately, Won says it's "all part of your transformation" as you align with what feels right for you. She says it's important to remember that "challenges provide opportunities for growth" — and that's likely what you're experiencing now.

Leo/Simha: (Aug. 17 - Sept. 16)

Getty Leo/Simha
Getty Leo/Simha

If you've been avoiding getting in touch with your emotional side, Won says "it's time to stop." Your inner world and feelings "serve as your greatest teacher" and can "reveal significant opportunities." If ignored, she says you "may miss the fortune awaiting you!"

Your ego and logical mind "might clash with your intuition," but Won says to understand that "rapid changes are underway." Better yet, she says this full moon "aims to restore balance to the discord."

Furthermore, if you're "seeking resolution" in matters of love and money, Won notes this lunation also "offers support." Elsewhere in her prediction, she says "you possess great fortune" and a "turn of events are unfolding for you" despite it not seeming apparent at first.

"Refrain from making hasty judgments about the situation," Won advises. At the very least, she says "you'll gain a nugget of clarity to guide you in a direction aligned with your authentic self."

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Virgo/Kanya: (Sept. 17 - Oct. 16)

Getty Virgo/Kanya
Getty Virgo/Kanya

The full moon in Virgo will be in the same sign as your sun, which Won says will make it "especially impactful for you." You're being called to reflect on your ego and identify; therefore, she says to "ask yourself if your inner world aligns with the outer world."

Self reflection is important at this time, says Won, as the full moon "prompts you to reconsider how you define yourself" and "whether your perceptions truly reflect who you are." This introspection will "offer valuable clarity as you move into the next month," she says, likely "bringing breakthroughs."

Despite the feelings of "slight tensions" in the areas of love, money, relationship and career, Won says to understand that this is "a pivotal moment for self-understanding" and a "deeper, more fulfilling journey."

Be aware of the "new opportunities" that might begin to emerge in various aspects of life, though Won says in subtle ways. If something seems "too good to be true," she says to "exercise caution and don't allow your ego to cloud your judgment."

Libra/Tula: (Oct. 17 - Nov. 15)

Getty Libra/Tula
Getty Libra/Tula

Important lessons may arise for you as a result of this full moon, ones that can teach you "harmony among the mind, emotions and soul." Won predicts your career or reputation "is poised for significant change and transformation."

This might cause you to feel imbalance at first, however, Won says "no need to fret." If your grand plans undergo a significant shift, she says to "allow them to move and flow in the direction they need to go" and trust that they will "ultimately land in a stronger, more favorable position."

Won says "favorable opportunities abound in both matters of love and money." Take advantage of this time because "you are divinely supported in both realms," she explains, but how you choose "to embrace these opportunities" is "entirely up to you."

Scorpio/Vrishchika: (Nov. 16 - Dec. 15)

Getty Scorpio/Vrishchika
Getty Scorpio/Vrishchika

Your "intuition and inner world" are "heightened and extra sensitive" during this lunation, says Won. "Take the thoughts and ideas that arise seriously."

While new ideas and opportunities may emerge, Won says you may "be forced to finalize conclusive endings for previous projects." Therefore, "exercise caution in your financial decisions" and "prioritize balancing your books and budget" — and if you have debts, Won says to "consider investing in paying them off."

Regarding your love live and relationships, Won says "significant breakthroughs are possible." If you've been seeking answers regarding certain matters, she predicts "they may become clear by the time of this full moon."

Sagittarius/Dhanu: (Dec. 16 - Jan. 13)

Getty Sagittarius/Dhanu
Getty Sagittarius/Dhanu

You're in a moment of "significant growth," says Won, "likely spurred by major challenges that have fundamentally altered your perspective, attitudes and judgments on life." This is no cause for concern, however.

"This transformation has been necessary," assures Won. "The full moon squares your sun, signaling that you're on the brink of substantial changes and opportunities." In fact, she says the lunation is "poised to bring your hard work to fruition, albeit accompanied by a significant upheaval of the ego."

If you find yourself torn between your goals and your instincts, Won advises to "trust the latter." They often lead to "significant rewards," she says.

Elsewhere in her prediction, Won says career and educational opportunities are "heightened and at the forefront of your experience. She says, "Pay attention to messages and signs that indicate whether you're on the right path."

Capricorn/Makara: (Jan. 14 - Feb. 12)

Getty Capricorn/Makara
Getty Capricorn/Makara

They say one door closes, another one opens — and March's full lunation is a great example of that, especially if you've been experiencing tension and conflict in your work or career. Won predicts "you'll discover the key to creating the harmony you desire with this full moon."

Significant shifts in your work and career "are on the horizon," says Won. However, she stresses the importance of prepping to "cut and clear through the things that no longer serve you" in these areas.

"Anticipate the closure of certain chapters to pave the way for new beginnings," continues Won. "You can finally align with a pathway that feels clearer and more suitable for you," giving you a "much-needed" energy that can "positively impact all areas of your life."

Aquarius/Kumbha: (Feb. 13 - March 13)

Getty Aquarius/Kumbha
Getty Aquarius/Kumbha

It's time to dial in on your love life and relationships because this full moon is "intended to check your ego" and "prompt you" to ask important questions.

For example, Won says, "Ask yourself whether the people around you truly reflect who you are and who you aspire to be." You might even experience "significant events unfolding" that she says could "lead to the much-needed epiphanies and breakthroughs in love and your relationships."

Elsewhere in her reading, Won says "money also commands attention at this time." In fact, she says this full moon "aims to shift your focus from merely earning for the sake of it."

Plus, be on the look out for new opportunities. Won says there's a greater chance of these arising if you "set aside your ego and allow yourself to connect with what your heart truly desires."

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Pisces/Meena: (March 14 - April 13)

Getty Pisces/Meena
Getty Pisces/Meena

Won says to prepare yourself for "significant changes and shifts" in a variety of aspects in your life, though particularly points out "ego and identity" as two specific areas to put on your radar. The full moon opposes your sun, which she says indicates that its impact on you "will be profound."

March's full moon is the time to "release past grievances and shed old baggage," notes Won, who says that you're "poised to embrace numerous new opportunities" as a result. The shifts and good fortune you seek "begin with your thoughts and mindset," she says.

Plus, Won points out that "new seeds are being planted in all areas of your life" including romance, finances and your career. Although it "may seem like chaotic disturbances at first," she says to remember that "significant changes often create waves."

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