Here's How Many Shots You Can Get From A Single Box Of Jell-O

Jell-O shots
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While the bright colors and bouncing texture may remind you of the childhood snack, Jell-O shot recipes are strictly for grownups. The sweet treats may do a good job of disguising their alcoholic contents behind fun flavors and textures, but a few Jell-O shots can bring on a buzz pretty quickly. And don't go eating this adult treat with a spoon -- the sweet and boozy treat is meant to be eaten in one swallow much like a regular shot, although opinions vary about whether or not you should chew on your Jell-O shot before it goes down the hatch.

Jell-O shots are traditionally poured into two-ounce plastic cups, typically 1/2 ounce larger than traditional shot glasses. The amount of Jell-O shots you make with one box actually depends on the size of your Jell-O packaging. A three-ounce box of Jell-O mix will produce at least 10 shots and a six-ounce box will easily double that, although the exact amount depends on how far up you decide to fill each two-ounce shot glass. Some people have reported making up to 35 shots out of a six-ounce box when they fill their shot glasses up about ¾ of the way full. While you're sure to get some bang for your buck with one box of Jell-O, you might want to invite a few more people to help you finish all those shots.

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You Need To Try These Easy Jell-O Shot Recipes At Your Next Party

Jell-O shots
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When you set out to make a batch of Jell-O shots, we recommend you have plans to share them with friends. Because you can easily make at least 10 two-ounce shots out of just one box of Jell-O, you'll likely have leftovers if you don't share with a crowd. Jell-O shots only last up to 5 days in the fridge before they start to lose their gelatinous form, so it's best to serve them up within a few days of making them.

Traditionally, people use vodka as their boozy base, but you can actually experiment with other liquors and spirits for a wide range of flavor experiences. There is a Jell-O shot recipe for every occasion -- celebrate the arrival of spring with a classy limoncello Jell-O shot or get into the holiday spirit with a batch of eggnog Jell-O shots. No matter what flavors you use, the real key to perfect Jell-O shots is to pay close attention to your ratios. While adding an extra shot or two of your favorite liquor may give you a quicker buzz, it can easily ruin the flavor experience of your Jell-O shot. Stick to the 1:1 water and liquor (or subsequent boozy vs. non-alcoholic liquid) ratio and trust that you will be feeling the effects in no time.

Where Did Jell-O Shots Come From?

Cheersing jell-o shots
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While Jell-O is commonly regarded as a cheap snack for children and those looking for a low-calorie dessert, gelatin was once considered to be a high-class dish. Per The New York Times, only those in high society could enjoy gelatinous desserts during the Victorian age, although none of them thought to mix it with alcohol for an even more elevated experience.

So when did people first get the idea to mix Jell-O and booze? The exact origins are unclear, although many historians believe it was popularized by American military members during the 1950s. According to Mel Magazine, Tom Lehrer skirted around the military's "no alcohol" rule by incorporating it into his Jell-O dessert. The invention even inspired a song about Jell-O shots to immortalize the treat and encourage other young partygoers to enjoy the deceiving dessert.

History also suggests that Jell-O shots may actually have Medieval origins, dating back to the 1300s when chefs would incorporate aspic and wine. While we may never know for sure who first had the idea for Jell-O shots, we can still be grateful they now exist.

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