Here's What Prince William Actually Said During That Viral BAFTAs Pic

Where were you when you saw the photo of Prince William chatting to Phoebe Dynevor, Ayo Edebiri, Sophie Wilde and Mia McKenna-Bruce at the BAFTAs? Me, I was scrolling Instagram, eyes glazed, when suddenly I knew I was staring at the future winner of Best Photo of the Year. A photo that will surely be in the Metropolitan Museum of Art someday, that is, if the Louvre doesn't make a better offer.

the prince of wales attends the 2024 ee bafta film awards
WPA Pool - Getty Images

And yet, after staring at this for some time, you might be left with questions. Questions like: what did Prince William say to this group to warrant this range of incredible facial expressions?

Fortunately, a video of the moment is circulating on Twitter and we know know exactly what was said. Watch below, but basically William can be seen greeting everyone and then musing, "Honestly the category was so strong, all of you. It was like, who is gonna pull this off, it was incredible. It was very close between all of you."

Wills then turns to Mia McKenna-Bruce, says "congratulations," and proceeds to ask some general questions about how everyone got their start in acting.

Honestly, pretty snooze-worthy stuff, but a picture says a thousand words and, once again, this is the picture we've been blessed with:

Before we go, I'd personally like to take a moment to share this work of art that I hope Prince William will be personally purchasing and mounting on the walls of Buckingham Palace one day. Good day to you all!

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