Hey, Quick Question: Is Bella Hadid Launching a Beauty Brand?

Bella Hadid made a conspicuous Ulta shopping trip in December 2023<p>Photo: Gotham/Getty Images</p>
Bella Hadid made a conspicuous Ulta shopping trip in December 2023

Photo: Gotham/Getty Images

Welcome to our column, "Hey, Quick Question," where we investigate seemingly random happenings in the fashion and beauty industries.

Bella Hadid has been booked and busy lately — recently appearing on the cover of Perfect Magazine, marking her return to modeling after a yearlong hiatus — but it seems she may also be diving into a new venture in the beauty industry sometime soon. An Instagram post from Ulta Beauty headquarters in Chicago on Thursday evening has fans speculating that the model may be the next celebrity to launch a makeup line.

While Hadid's Instagram post is devoid of context (or really, any information whatsoever), per public records, the model initially filed an application to trademark her name back in 2020, for use across color cosmetics, eyewear, luggage and handbags. Since then, Hadid has failed to file a "statement of use," which affirms the use of the trademark in interstate commerce. In other words, Hadid has laid some of the groundwork for launching her own brand, but she hasn't quite gotten around to actually doing it yet.

So with her recent visit to Ulta, the obvious question is: Could the retailer be a distribution partner for what's to come? Based on the filing, there's no way of knowing what's coming until that's on the record via the "statement of use." It's also curious that Hadid was named an ambassador for Charlotte Tilbury almost exactly a year ago — might that contract be coming to a wrap, freeing her to work on other beauty-related projects?

Neither Ulta nor lawyers on the trademark case immediately replied to Fashionista's request for comment.

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